What you need to disable in your smartphone

Smartphone manufacturers are constantly stuffing devices with a variety of features that do more harm than good. They say that in this way they optimized the system, making it faster, but in reality this is not always true. As a result, users have to disable some processes manually, because in most cases they do not work at all as they should. And optimization is primarily aimed at modern devices. What about the older ones? They have a weaker battery, a less efficient processor, do not give up on it, right? Today we will tell you about non-obvious functions in a smartphone that should be turned off for your own good.

Do I need to turn off bluetooth

Previously, on mobile phones, each user considered it necessary to turn off the Internet or the Bluetooth module, but with the development of smartphones, users stopped doing this. Nowadays, always-on Bluetooth is already the norm, because it does not consume a lot of energy. Even experts say that there is no point in disabling the module. Nevertheless, it is still worth doing it from time to time.

For example, at home you will definitely find a couple of accessories with Bluetooth, to which your smartphone connects automatically: it can be fitness bracelets , smart speakers and other useful things. From time to time you get confused about constant connections, as a result of which the sound does not go to the headphones, but to the Bluetooth speaker, and even at full volume in the middle of the night. And the always-on Bluetooth can be the cause of awkward situations: not so long ago, a neighbor’s smartphone tried to connect to my laptop, which slightly suggested a hack.

Phone in modem mode

Are you using your smartphone in hotspot mode? This is a very convenient feature that allows you to always stay connected by connecting multiple devices at once. Many users leave this option enabled, but it’s best not to do so. Those devices that have connected to you before will do it over and over again as long as they are in range. If you do not pay attention to this, then you are doing this in vain: the smartphone heats up , the battery is consumed, and the Internet speed drops. Better to change the password to your hotspot or disconnect from another smartphone.

Disable Android AutoCorrect

Autocorrect involves automatically correcting mistakes that we make while typing. By the way, this function is called T9 out of habit, but they do it in vain – it remained in push-button phones. The bad thing about AutoCorrect is that it often corrects the correct variant or changes the familiar word to some exotic one. Considering the speed with which we type, we send, and only then we see an error, filling up the interlocutor with corrected options. I don’t even know what infuriates me more : the error itself or a few messages with a correction in pursuit. Disable.

  • In the messenger or browser, press “Settings” on the keyboard;
  • Find the item “AutoCorrect” or “Autocorrection”;
  • There is no point in choosing a fix level. Just turn off the function.

Optimize Android Memory

Applications that clean up RAM should definitely be disabled immediately and never used. I still have a fresh memory of how, on my Windows PC, process managers would fire automatically and clear memory, resulting in a slower computer. It’s the same with smartphones, and even with Android TVs , in which this button is on the home screen. Such functions not only slow down the smartphone, but also block important processes, leaving you without notifications or calls.

Why do you need auto brightness

Smartphone manufacturers advocate rational energy consumption, and auto brightness in a smartphone is one of the most important functions that allows you to economize on battery power . Unfortunately, in practice, this feature does not always (almost never) work correctly. In the dark, you can accidentally go blind, having received one hundred percent screen brightness in your eyes, and in bright light, you will not be able to see what is written on the screen. It all comes down to the fact that adjusting the brightness manually is much easier – the readers of our Telegram chat agree with this . By the way, we talked about how auto brightness works in a smartphone in as much detail as possible.

Auto update on Android

The most annoying feature, which is worse than the phone ringing on. This also applies to software updates and applications: before you have time to look back, your smartphone has been updated along with the applications. Updates are often raw and contain many bugs, which affect the performance and battery life of the smartphone . And the design of applications to which you have just got used to is also changing. For more information on why you shouldn’t update apps and software on your phone, read our review.

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