Samsung S21 FE Coming Soon! There is already an unboxing

The first Samsung FE series came out last year. It was the S20 FE, which many still consider to be one of the most balanced smartphones of yesteryear, at least in the Samsung lineup. At a relatively low cost, it combined almost flagship characteristics. Many were waiting for the release of other devices in the series, for example, Galaxy Note 20FE, Galaxy Z Fold 2 FE and the like, but in the first case, the line was completely closed, and in the second, the time for discounts and compromises had not yet come. But we all counted on the S21 FE, and it seemed that nothing should have prevented its release. However, more than a year has passed since the release of the S20 FE, and we still haven’t seen anything else. But there is a high probability that now there really is very little time left to wait.

It looks like we have waited for this phone.


  • When Samsung S21 FE comes out
  • First review of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
  • Galaxy S21 FE specifications
  • What else is known about the Galaxy S21 FE

When Samsung S21 FE comes out

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S21 FE with a big delay next month, although conflicting reports lead us to speculate that the launch will take place either during or shortly after CES 2022 . That is, we can talk either about January 3-4 or about leaving almost immediately after January 11 . Now a video is already circulating on the network, which shows the unboxing of this phone, produced in one of the stores in South Africa.

Reddit user u / UnknownWon has posted some useful pieces of information that most of us might find useful. He shared an unboxing video showing the appearance of the new phone and its initial setup. If this is not a fake, which is unlikely, then this is the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S21 FE , which we waited for back in the fall, but hoped to see even earlier.

Importantly, the smartphone is sold in a thin box, which has become a sign of the times. It is so thin due to the fact that it does not have a charger , like other modern phone models.

First review of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Most recently, u / UnknownWon posted a mini review of the phone, confirming that it has a 4,500mAh battery that supports fast charging and fast wireless charging according to the settings menu. He also suggests that the phone greens the picture a bit, but bases this on comparing the display on his Poco X3 with its color settings. The author mentions that it is impossible to manually adjust the white balance on the display, which means that if it really is, this must be borne in mind. However, users of many Samsung models are used to this, as some of its models have the same features.

u / UnknownWon also said that the phone’s hardware feels “lighter”, “more convenient” and “more premium” compared to its Poco X3, which seems “sticky” and “cheap” compared to the S21 FE. The triple chamber uses the same sensors as the S20 FE.

Another thing that the author of the videos posted on Reddit was that the in-display fingerprint scanner turned out to be optical, unlike the ultrasonic scanner used in the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Galaxy S21 FE specifications

In terms of electronic components, the smartphone comes with 6GB of RAM, and the dualSIM variant in its region comes with the Snapdragon 888 chipset , not the Exynos 2100 , although the S21 is also sold there with the processor from Samsung. The question remains open about the possibility of the Exynos version working with 5G. Perhaps, like the S20 FE on a proprietary processor, it will only support 4G .

It remains only to add that the author of the videos showed several examples of photos taken with the Galaxy S21 FE, and they can be seen here . There is at least one sample for each camera. You can draw conclusions about the quality of the picture yourself, but you should not expect that this is the final version of the quality. It is quite possible that it will change depending on the release of new versions of the OS. There is even a possibility that after taking out a new smartphone from the box, you will immediately install the proposed update and the quality of the camera will change.

What else is known about the Galaxy S21 FE

If you pull up the old data from the leaks here, you can get an almost complete picture of what this phone will be like. According to reports, the Galaxy S21 FE will have a 6.41-inch AMOLED screen and a 32MP selfie camera. The phone will be available in Olive, Black, White and Purple variants with an expected starting price of $ 699. It’s too early to talk about the official price in Russia.

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