How to make your smartphone invulnerable?

Smartphones and tablets have changed not only our lives, but also our habits: now it is difficult to leave the house without taking a portable battery with you or forgetting your headphones. By the way, about headphones: it is always better to keep them in duplicate so as not to be left without music on the way. This week we have selected for you everything that makes a smartphone invulnerable in any life situation. There are covers, high-quality cables, and even car holders. Hope you have some cards ready to spend some time already? Then we begin!

Sports headphones with good sound

Choosing headphones for sports is not an easy task. You should try these TWS headphones, which will not fall out of your ears and hinder your movements during workouts. Pros: price, good sound and good battery.

Mobile hotspot

Another gadget that will definitely help out in any unforeseen situation. You can leave it by the window to get a better signal, and not charge it for a long time. By the way, you can connect up to 10 devices at once.

Set-top box with Android TV

Android TV is an amazing OS for TVs. It is difficult to choose a set-top box with Android TV , but there is always the best option – this is the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. The gadget is simple, convenient and straightforward to use – it turns any TV into a Smart TV.

Stylish case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Finding a foldable smartphone case is no easy task. Even if you find it, it will cost a lot of money in retail. Here’s a great option for a nice price – it will definitely make the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 even prettier! Don’t forget to choose the color you like.

Sports phone case

Outdoor cardio isn’t as easy as you might think. The biggest problem is where to put the phone . Such a cover is put on the hand, and not only a smartphone will fit in there, but also a couple of transport cards if you freeze or want to shorten the route. Don’t forget to choose the case size and color.

Silicone Case for Xiaomi Mi Pad

I have to admit: Xiaomi has turned out to be a great competitor for the iPad , which is really a pleasure to use. It’s still not worth wearing such a beautiful tablet without a case, and a silicone pad is the best option. By the way, there are copies for Mi Pad 5 and Mi Pad 5 Pro.

Shockproof Tablet Case

Well, if you don’t trust silicone cases, then a tablet from Xiaomi can always be packaged in a shockproof version. It makes the device a little thicker, but protects it from almost all sides. It also has a dedicated camera flap. Choose for Mi Pad 5 or Mi Pad 5 Pro.

Reliable power bank

We have already written a separate article about the one in which we told everything about portable batteries . The KUULA brand is undoubtedly one of the best accessory manufacturers. 10,000 mAh capacity, multiple USB ports, and a charge LED justify the cost. There are black and white options to choose from.

Cool wired headphones

Despite the fact that TWS headphones have taken over the world, they can never replace our wired ones . Xiaomi Piston is the most practical earbuds just in case. They have high quality durable wire, good sound and a nice price. We recommend them in case the wireless headset runs out.

Car holder with wireless charging

There are many nuances to using car wireless charging , but it is still the most practical use case for a smartphone. We found a great option for you that will definitely not drop your smartphone when you drive on a bumpy road: there is an LED indication and attachments on three sides. Don’t forget to pick a color.

Baseus car holder

If you are a minimalist and do not like all these rattle holders that hang on the air duct, then here is the simplest and most reliable option from Baseus : it holds the phone tightly, does not scratch it and will not fall apart after a year, because there are metal inserts inside.

UGreen Flex Cable

UGreen cables are one of the best for all occasions. I don’t want to over-praise the brand, but their quality is really high. Best of all, he suggests choosing a wire up to 2 meters long, and thanks to the braid, it becomes almost invulnerable from external influences. I’ll take two!


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