Honor Magic V surpasses all opponents? See if the hinge technology is Huawei

In the past few years, the market for folding screen mobile phones has become completely popular. First, Samsung set up a model, and then Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, TCL, LG and other brands have released some products back and forth, regardless of energy. The ones that are produced and sold are still available for admiration in glass cabinets. In 2022, there will only be more and more folding screen mobile phones, and the price will drop further. Just now, there is one more player in the market, which is glory.

Honor officials just announced that the new Magic V folding screen phone will be released on the 10th, and it will “surpass all opponents”, which makes people more suspicious. Has Honor learned from others that it is the peak every time it debuts? Let’s not talk about anything else, let’s take a look at the configuration. According to the official poster, it can be seen that the Honor Magic V uses an internal folding design, with a large flexible screen hidden inside the fuselage, and a slightly smaller screen outside, similar to the Huawei Mate X series.

At the same time, the process design on the outside of the fuselage is also pretty good. The back uses a texture similar to brushed metal, and it can be seen that it is equipped with three lenses. If not surprisingly, the three lenses are standard wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, and macro. . At the same time, the poster also slightly shows some details of the hinge position of the machine. It seems that the outside of the hinge looks very simple, it seems to be a very early three-stage structure, but the fact is obviously not that simple.

In addition, Honor Magic V has no exposure points for analysis. However, the configuration information of this machine is already available on the Internet. It is reported that the internal main screen is 8 inches, and the external screen is 6.5 inches, and both screens support high refresh, but the external screen is 90Hz, and the internal screen is 120Hz. But considering that there are fewer scenes where two screens work at the same time, and the external screen is mainly responsible for simple use, there is nothing to blame for 90Hz, at least better than 60Hz.

In terms of hardware, the news indicates that the Honor Magic V will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 chip. If not specified, it should be a 5G version; the network access certification information also shows that it has a 66W fast charge, but the battery capacity is not disclosed. But these are not the key points. The key point is the statement of Honor’s big boss Zhao Ming: “Honor defines a brand-new folding screen product series. The Magic V should be the most complete in structural design and the best folding screen mobile phone seen on the market. The design is amazing”.

He also said that Honor Magic V “has complex hinge technology.” When you see this, everyone may think of another person’s bold ambitions. That’s right, it is Yu Chengdong. At the Huawei winter conference a few days ago, when the P50 Pocket foldable screen phone was released, Yu Chengdong praised the water drop hinge system used in the phone, and said, “The water drop hinge is Huawei’s exclusive patent. If you see If there is no gap between the folding screen of any company, it must have used Huawei’s patent.”

So the question is, the hinge of Honor Magic V also looks very delicate, and it seems that there is no gap, so does it also use Huawei’s patent? Leaving aside other things, it is estimated that in the future, brands such as OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung, and Apple will purchase the patent for this hinge technology from Huawei.

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