Special domestic supply! Intel 12th generation Core i5-12490F processor launched: higher frequency and larger cache

Today, Intel’s 12th-generation Core i5 processor is officially on the shelves of major e-commerce platforms. In addition to the i5-12400 and i5-12400F, there is also the i5-12490F, a special domestic model.

According to the official parameters, i5-12490F is a special model for the Chinese mainland game market. It has 6 cores and 12 threads, a maximum of 4.6GHz, and 20MB level three cache. The level three cache reaches the i5K level, compared to i5-12400 and i5 -12400F has a faster frequency and a larger three-level cache.

Both i5-12400 and i5-12400F are 6-core 12-threads, up to 4.4GHZ, 18MB L3 cache, and support DDR5-4800 and DDR4-3200 memory. The difference between the two is that the i5-12400F is not equipped with a core display.

The three 12th-generation Core i5 processors on the shelves are all built with Intel 7 process technology, and the maximum turbo frequency power consumption can reach 117W.

In terms of appearance, the i5-12490F, which is specially supplied in China, uses black packaging, while the i5-12400 and i5-12400F still use Intel’s iconic blue packaging, which is quite easy to identify.

In terms of price, the i5-12400 is priced at 1699 yuan, the i5-12400F is priced at 1499 yuan, and the i5-12490F is priced at 1599 yuan. It should be noted that the two versions with the suffix “F” require their own independent graphics card.

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