Intel Arc discrete graphics has been shipped! More than 50 notebook/desktop products

At the CES 2022 conference, although Intel did not announce the model and specification information of the Arc Ruixuan series of graphics cards, it also brought new progress: it has already shipped to OEM customers!

Intel said that there are already more than 50 notebooks and desktop products equipped with Arc Ruixuan graphics cards, including Acer Nitro (Shadow Rider), Predator (Predator), Swift (Hummingbird), Asus ZenBook (Lingyao), Blue Sky Model X, Dell Alienware, Precision, XPS, Gigabyte AORUS, Haier Mechanic, HP Envy, Omen (Shadow Wizard), Spectre (Ghost), Lenovo IdeaCenter, IdeaPad, Legion (Savior), ThinkBook, ThinkPad, Yoga, Samsung, MSI, NEC .

In addition, Intel NUC mini-machines will also introduce Arc graphics cards, including Serpent Canyon and Alder Country.

Intel also announced that XeSS AI scaling technology is being supported by more and more manufacturers and games, including 505 Games, Codemasters, EXOR Studios, Fishlabs, Hashbane, IOI, Illfonic, Kojima Productions, Massive Work Studio, PUBG Studios, Techland, Ubisoft , Wonder People, including “Hitman 3”, “Galaxy Broken”, etc.

Intel Arc Ruixuan graphics card’s first toad skin codenamed Alchemist, including 128-unit, 512-unit two core versions, performance is expected to be comparable to RTX 3070 Ti.

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