Intel Core i5-12490F Exposure: Large Cache Edition Specially Available for the Chinese Market

In the CES 2022 event that ended this morning, Intel expanded its 12-generation CPU family lineup to 28 models, from Core i9 to Celeron.

Soon, VCZ found that Intel had reserved a hand, the processor named i5-12490F appeared low-key, and this seemed to be a special version of the product for the Chinese market.

In terms of specifications, 6 cores and 12 threads (no small cores), frequency 3.0~4.6GHz, secondary cache 7.5MB, tertiary cache 20MB, 20 PCIe channels, support DDR5-4800 and DDR4-3200 memory, basic power consumption 65W, The maximum turbo frequency power consumption is 117W.

The comparison shows that the Core i5-12490F is basically a magical revision of the Core i5-12500, with the core display removed, but the third-level cache is increased to 20MB, and the game performance will be better with the independent display.

In terms of price, the Core i5-12490F is priced at 1599 yuan, with a black packaging box, which is unique.

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