Intel officially released the chicken blood version of i9-12900KS: full-core 5.2GHz, single-core 5.5GHz

At the CES 2022 conference, Intel officially released 22 desktop versions of the 12th generation Core, 28 new mobile versions (in fact, there are also IoT embedded versions), plus the first 6 K/KF series, totaling 56 models.

And on top of them, there is a special chicken blood version-i9-12900KS.

This is also the first KS special edition of the latest three generations of products after the 9th generation i9-9900KS. Using specially selected chips, higher frequencies can be reached without a large increase in voltage, and power consumption can be controlled at a reasonable level.

It did not appear in the PPT slides, nor did it appear in the ARK official website database. It was just mentioned at the press conference.

It is officially confirmed that the highest acceleration frequency of the i9-12900KS can reach 5.5GHz, which is the height that a single large core can reach, which is 300MHz higher than that of the i9-12900K.

At the same time, the large-core all-core acceleration frequency is 5.2GHz, which is a full 400MHz higher than i9-12900K.

The benchmark power consumption and maximum acceleration power consumption have not been announced yet.

In other respects, the i9-12900KS is still 8 large, 8 small, 16 cores, 24 threads, 14MB L2 cache, 30MB L3 cache, integrated core display UHD 770, 32 units.

The i9-12900KS will be shipped at the end of the quarter.

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