Device not certified by Google: How to fix?

What should I do if I get a “device not certified by Google” error on my phone? How to fix it and get access to Google Play and other services?

A smartphone is only considered certified if it meets Google’s requirements. But some devices do not satisfy them. We will describe several ways to bypass blocking on Google Play and certify the device yourself.

How do I certify my phone with the Device ID app?

The first method is simple and does not require root rights. For it, the user needs to download the Device ID application. Since access to Google Play is not yet possible, you need to download this program as an APK file through any browser.

Next, you need to install the application, open it and find the line “Google Service Framework (GSF)”. Below is the code to be copied. Then you need to find and open the Google page responsible for device certification. In the line “Identifier” you need to paste the code copied from the application.

If certification failed, you should try changing the value to a code consisting only of numbers. To do this, you need to go to the converter site, and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the code from the Device ID application in the field under the line “Enter hex number”.
  2. Click Convert.
  3. Copy the new code from the “Decimal number” field.
  4. Enter the received code on the Google page and try to register the device again.

Next, you need to go to the phone settings, select the “Applications” section and delete the data of the “Google Play Store” and “Google Play Services” applications.

After that, it remains to check whether the phone has been certified.

How to certify a phone with root rights?

For this method, you need to root your phone in any possible way, and then download the X-Plore file manager through the browser as an APK file.

Next you need to follow the instructions:

  1. Open manager.
  2. Open the Finnish.xml document in the following path: /data/data/
  3. In the document search, enter the phrase “device-google-certified” and replace false with true in the found line.
  4. Save the file and reboot your phone.

After that, the device should become certified. You can check this in the Google Play settings in the “About the application” section.

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