Simulate an anomaly in developer mode on Android – what does it mean?

What does the Simulate Anomaly feature do in developer mode?

Most developer mode options on Android smartphones are used by either advanced users or app developers. However, Simulate Anomaly can also help ordinary people: it saves battery power, reduces phone addiction, and performs other functions.


The “Simulate anomaly” function has several modes:

  1. Monochrome mode (the screen becomes black and white).
  2. Deuteranomaly (red/green).
  3. Protanomaly (red/green).

We are talking about monochrome mode – the most popular among ordinary users. It allows you to make the phone screen black and white until the feature is disabled. Some smartphone owners note that this appearance of the display attracts them more than the usual color mode. Although other users consider this statement controversial.

Less eye strain

People who spend a lot of time behind the phone screen often complain of discomfort and eye fatigue. Bright colors can strain the eyes especially for older users. To let your eyes rest, you should turn on the black and white (monochrome) mode and compare whether using a smartphone has become more comfortable.

Reducing phone addiction

The black and white screen mode of the phone allows you to deal with a serious problem of our time – telephone addiction. Some users note that they spend too much time on their mobile device and would like to reduce it. But it is not always possible to fight the desire to look into some application or social network.

Monochrome mode solves this problem. The fact is that a black and white screen, and therefore images, videos, application icons and other content on the phone seems less attractive. People who participated in this experiment noted that they were less likely to want to open their phone, and using it did not satisfy their needs, as programs and application icons that were familiar to the eye no longer beckoned them with bright colors.

Battery saving

An experiment was also conducted to test battery savings in monochrome mode. As a result, it turned out that black and white OLED displays save about 50-60 minutes of phone use. Those. the enabled monochrome mode allows the mobile device to hold the charge for about 1 hour longer.

To enable or disable the monochrome mode on your phone, you need to activate the developer mode – in the “About phone” settings section, click on the build number 5-8 times. Then it remains to find the “For Developers” section, select “Simulate anomaly” and select either “Monochrome” or “Disabled”.

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