How to make GIF on iPhone

Would you like to create GIFs with your iPhone, to send to friends and relatives to make your telematic communications more “lively”, but not being particularly practical in terms of new technologies, don’t you have the faintest idea how to do it? Well, if that is the case I would say that you have come to the right guide, at the right time. In the following lines, in fact, you will find explained, in a simple and at the same time detailed way, how to make GIFs with iPhone .

I anticipate that to succeed in your intent you will not have to do is install on your “iPhone by” some ad hoc applications. You have several solutions that you can consider: there are apps that allow you to quickly create a GIF using a movie or a Live Photo already present on the device and others that, instead, allow you to record videos on the spot, add effects, filters, stickers , texts etc. and convert the final result into a GIF. Interesting, isn’t it?

Then? How about finally putting the chatter aside and immediately taking action? Yup? Very good! Position yourself comfortably and dedicate yourself to reading what is reported below. Choose the tool that you think best for your needs, put into practice the relative instructions of use and I assure you that in no time you will be able to generate all the GIFs you want. Good fun!


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How to make GIF on iPhone

As I told you at the beginning of the guide, to be able to make GIFs with iPhone you just have to resort to the use of some apps designed specifically for the purpose in question. Below, therefore, you will find those that in my humble opinion represent the best in the category. Put them to the test now, I’m sure they won’t let you down.


The first iPhone GIF making app that I recommend you consider is GIPHY . This is the official application of one of the most famous platforms in the world for sharing and downloading animated images, which also includes a function for creating GIFs. It is totally free.

To download and install GIPHY on your iPhone, access the relevant section of the App Store , press the Get button , then the Install button and authorize the download via Face ID , Touch ID or Apple ID password . Next, launch the app by selecting its icon that has just been added to the iOS home screen and / or App Library.

Now that you see the main screen of the application, touch the Create item located at the top right, make sure that the GIF option is selected at the bottom of the next screen (otherwise you can do it), tap the icon with the square or on the gallery preview at the bottom left and select the video or photo you want to use to create the GIF.

Alternatively, you can take a photo or record a video at the moment by pressing the white circular button at the bottom. You can also decide to embellish your shot by selecting one of the filters included in the app that you find in the list below.

If you had chosen to use a video, also select the portion of the movie to use through the timeline, then use the tools available at the bottom of the screen to apply further changes to the GIF you are about to create: you can insert texts, effects and stickers. Instead, by tapping on the button with the cutter  located at the top right you can crop the GIF.

Once the changes have been completed, touch the button with the arrow at the bottom right, then tap the Share GIF button located at the bottom left and the buttons that are shown on the screen to choose whether to share the GIF on supported social networks, or to save it in the iOS gallery, whether to import it into other apps or whether to copy it to the clipboard.

GIF Maker

Another app you can appeal to for making GIFs with iPhone is  GIF Maker . In fact, it allows you to generate GIF images using photos and videos, even made on the spot using the device’s camera. It also allows you to decorate the final result with text and filters, change the playback speed and much more. It’s free, but offers in-app purchases (at a basic cost of € 4.99) to unlock all available functions.

To use the app, first download and install it from the relevant section of the App Store , then start it and choose how to create your GIF by clicking on one of the available items: Photo to GIF  (to create a animated image using a photo on your iPhone) or  Video to GIF  (to create a GIF starting from a video in the photo gallery of the device in use)

Alternatively, tap the red circular button  located at the bottom to access the camera and press it again to start recording a short movie on the spot. If you have chosen to make a GIF using a video, select the part of the movie you are interested in using the timeline at the bottom and tap the button, while you have opted for a photo select those of your interest. In both cases, then press the Next button at the top right.

Now, you can further customize the GIF by adjusting the playback speed and setting the loop effect, adding texts, filters, stickers and cropping the image, selecting the options you prefer from the menu below.

Once the changes are complete, tap on the sharing icon (the one with the rectangle and the arrow ) in the top right and select the Save button  to save the GIF in the iOS roll, otherwise press on the other available buttons to proceed with the sharing on social networks, by email etc.

Other solutions to make GIF on iPhone

Didn’t the apps for making GIFs with iPhone that I have already suggested convinced you in a particular way and would you like me to recommend other useful solutions for this purpose? I’ll settle you immediately! Find them below.

  • Gif Me! – valid free application to create a GIF using videos made previously or recorded on the spot. It has a minimal interface, which makes it easy to use and allows you to create an animated image with a few taps. Basically it is free, but offers in-app purchases (at a cost of € 1.99) to unlock all the available functions.
  • ImgPlay– this is an app that, in addition to allowing you to create GIFs using photos, Live Photos and videos on the iPhone, allows you to create animated images by merging a video and a Live Photo with a unique result. In addition, you can add filters, frames, music and text and export the GIF in low, medium and high quality. Basically it is free, but it applies a watermark to the final image that can be removed by making in-app purchases (at a minimum cost of 2.99 euros) which also allow you to unlock additional functions.
  • Motion Stills– is a free application developed by Google, which allows you to create GIFs using movies or Live Photos on your device. It also allows you to create collages with multiple videos and export the final result as an animated image. It’s free.
  • 5SecondsApp– app that allows you to create GIFs using photos and videos, but also to search for existing animated images. It is available for free and features banner ads, which can be removed via in-app purchases (at a cost of € 1.99).

How to make GIF on iPhone from Live Photo

Have you taken a Live Photo with your iPhone and would like to turn it into an animated GIF? It can be done. To do this, you can use the Commands application , which is available “standard” on iOS (if removed, you can retrieve it again and at no cost from the relevant section of the App Store ), which allows you to perform various operations through the schortcuts , or scripts (which you can create yourself or can be downloaded ready-to-use from the Internet).

As for the possibility of making GIFs with iPhone starting from a Live Photo, the schortcut that I suggest you use is the one called Live Photo to Gif . To use it, add it to your iPhone by visiting its web page with Safari directly from the “iPhone by” and tapping the Get quick commands button . In the Commands window that will subsequently open, touch the Add quick command button .

In the Commands screen that you now see, select the My Quick Commands item at the bottom, tap the Live Photo to Gif command , select the Live Photo you want to become a GIF from the proposed list and wait for the transformation procedure is initiated and completed. The final result will then be saved in the device gallery. Et voila !

How to make GIF on WhatsApp with iPhone

WhatsApp is the famous instant messaging application that allows you to send text messages, voice messages, photos and videos in a free and secure way. It does not need further introduction, that’s for sure, but not everyone knows that it also includes a feature that allows you to make GIFs with iPhone using a video recorded at the moment or one created previously and send it all to your contacts.

To create a GIF with the WhatsApp app on your iPhone, open it by selecting its icon  (the one with the green speech bubble and the white handset ) that you find on the home screen and / or in the app Library, then go to the Chat section by selecting the appropriate item located at the bottom of the main screen of the application and tap on the conversation of your interest among those in the list or start a new one by pressing the icon with the sheet and the pencil  at the top right and selecting the reference contact.

Now, tap the (+) button  located in the lower left corner and select the Camera option  (to create a GIF by making a video on the spot) or the  Liberia photo and video option   (to use a movie present in the camera roll of iOS). In the first case, press and hold the circular button to record a video, while in the second select the video of your interest in the device gallery.

Next, select the part of the video you want to transform into GIF via the timeline at the top and tap on the GIF item  at the top right (if you don’t see it, it means that the selected video is still too long to be converted into an animated image and, therefore, you need to make a further cut).

Finally, hit the right arrow icon to send the GIF to your contact. To learn more, you can read my guide dedicated specifically to  how to make GIFs on WhatsApp .


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