Roidmi EVE Plus review: a versatile robot vacuum cleaner

Advantages, disadvantages and features of Roidmi EVE Plus robot vacuum cleaner

Roidmi is a Chinese company that is part of the Xiaomi eco-system and specializes in the production of vacuum cleaners. The brand has existed since 2015 and officially supplies its products to 65 countries around the world. Today we are reviewing Roidmi EVE Plus.

Specifications Roidmi EVE Plus

  • Number of power modes: 4
  • Cleaning type: dry, wet, combined.
  • Suction power: 2700 Pa.
  • Dust container volume: 300 milliliters.
  • Water container volume: 250 milliliters.
  • Dust filter type: HEPA.
  • Removable battery capacity: 2800 mAh.
  • Working time: up to 4 hours
  • Charging time: about 4 hours.
  • Navigation in space: laser, using a LIDAR sensor
  • Management: through a proprietary application, voice assistant.
  • Dimensions: 358 x 300 x 174 mm.
  • Weight: 4.3 kg.
  • Official page .
  • Cost: about 34,000 rubles (Ozon) .

The package includes two boxes. The first one contains:

  • Robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Spare HEPA filter.
  • Main cloth for wet cleaning
  • 10 disposable wipes for wet cleaning.
  • Operating instructions, including a section in Russian.

In the second box:

  • A self-cleaning station that acts as a base station.
  • Power cable to connect the station.
  • Garbage bags.
  • Hair removal attachment for the turbo brush on the robot vacuum cleaner.

Out of the box, a combined trash and water container, side and main brushes are immediately installed on the vacuum cleaner. One garbage bag is installed inside the self-cleaning station.


The base of the body of the robot vacuum cleaner is made of matte plastic, while the top cover is glossy. The model is available in black and white. The latter is complemented by dark gray and black inserts.

Above the top cover rises the LIDAR tower, which is responsible for creating a virtual map of the room and orientation in space. The turret is also equipped with a mechanical sensor – if the robot drives under a low bed, sofa or chair, instead of getting stuck there, it will automatically go in the opposite direction.

There are three control keys on the same island with the lidar:

  1. Activate cleaning in a specific area.
  2. Power key and start normal cleaning.
  3. Returning the robot to the base station to unload garbage or charge.

The central key is complemented by a built-in LED, which will be useful for detecting the vacuum cleaner in the dark.

A protective strip is applied to the front bumper, designed to protect the robot and its obstacles on the way from scratches, chips and scuffs.

Along the perimeter of the body, there are holes for obstacle detection sensors.

On the reverse side, a combined waste and water container is attached. To remove it, you need to press the latch. Under it is a valve designed to unload debris into the docking station. There are also contacts for charging the battery.

The 300 ml container can be dismantled for access to a HEPA filter and/or for manual debris removal.

The water tank detaches from the main container to fill it with up to 250 ml of water and attach a wet cleaning cloth. The last liquid enters through 3 small holes. The level of water supply is regulated through the application.

For the movement of the vacuum cleaner around the apartment, one guide and two main (rubberized) wheels are responsible. The latter have a jagged shape, which allows them to overcome height differences of up to 2 cm.

Next to the steering wheel are two contacts for charging the battery from a conventional base station without a self-cleaning function. Height sensors are hidden in the black recesses at the bottom.

There are three brushes: two side and one main. The side brushes are fixed with screws.

The turbo brush can be removed to clean the wound hair/thread – for this, a special nozzle is included in the kit.

The base station resembles a miniature trash bin, where there is a recess in the bottom front for connecting a robot vacuum cleaner and collecting garbage from a container.

Just below the top cover is a screen that shows the current battery charge, Wi-Fi connection status and error codes. By pressing the screen start the cleaning process.

Hidden under the top cover is a blade for removing hair from the turbo brush and a compartment for a trash bag. Under the bag there is a replaceable filter to protect the turbine from dust. An ionizer was also placed here, which is activated after each cleaning and kills harmful microbes.

On the reverse side of the station, perforations for air outlet, a hatch for cleaning the garbage chute and a power connector were placed. Three rubberized legs from the bottom are responsible for the stability of the station.

The quality of the robot and the base station does not raise any questions. All consumables are freely removable, as is the water tank.

Setting and available functions

They control Roidmi EVE Plus through Mi Home or the proprietary Roidmi application available on Google Play and the App Store. The second option provides more functionality, namely:

  • View cleaning history.
  • Set cleaning time.
  • Manual control of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Enable double area cleaning.
  • Disabling / enabling the screen on the base station, the indicator light on the robot.
  • View a detailed map compiled by the robot, where each room is divided into zones.
  • View the remaining stock of consumables: brushes, filters, the need to clean the sensors from dust.
  • Possibility to mark the area for garbage removal manually or indicate the places where you do not need to clean.
  • Control of suction power and water supply to the rag. Activation of increased power when driving on carpeted floors.

The robot vacuum cleaner connects to the application via Wi-Fi. In some cases, you first need to connect to the device’s access point directly, and only then bind it to your home network. Among the additional advantages, we note synchronization with Alice from Yandex and the presence of a Russian “voice” in the vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning and autonomy

Cleaning takes place in two stages:

  1. At the first stage, Roidmi EVE Plus drives around the room around the perimeter.
  2. On the second, he moves around the room like a snake.

There are no problems with orientation in space, and the vacuum cleaner freely determines and passes obstacles. The device shows the best result when the double cleaning function is enabled.

Together with dry cleaning, you can activate wet cleaning and drive along a Y-shaped trajectory, like with floor polishing robots. By the way, through the application, you can assign a different power of cleaning and water supply for each room or selected area. For example, increase the power for the hall and reduce for the kitchen.

The cleaning quality is excellent for a maximum suction power of 2700 Pa. The noise level does not exceed 90 dB. The robot cleans all the dirt from the corners, under the beds and moves freely between rooms, taking into account the sills. In the wet cleaning mode, areas opposite skirting boards and walls may remain unwashed, which is associated with the shape of the case.

Here is the result after half an hour of cleaning (while another robot vacuum “lives” in the house):

After cleaning, Roidmi EVE Plus automatically returns to the base for recharging, where, depending on the settings, you can immediately get rid of the garbage or do it after a while. By the way, the garbage bag in the station is enough for 1 month of cleaning.

When the battery is fully charged, the robot works up to 3.5 hours, depending on the set power. It will take about 4 hours to fully charge.


Roidmi EVE Plus is a great robot vacuum for the price. Its main advantages include cleaning quality, multifunctional application and self-cleaning function. There are no cons here, if you do not take into account the high price.

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