Bitrix24: complete solution for your business

You have long been looking for a tool that would allow you to create a real online office, so that your employees can work remotely and continue interacting with colleagues. Your research ended when you were recommended Bitrix24, an online platform (also available as an app for computers and mobile devices) that offers a wide range of tools to manage and optimize work in the company remotely.

Bitrix24, which is currently used by over 9 million companies around the world, is not just a CRM (acronym for “Customer Relationship Management”) but a complete solution to manage your business: in addition to a human resources and project manager management system, it offers numerous tools for communicating with staff and customers, a space to archive personal and business documents and also an “intelligent” system that allows you to automate any business process standard. All accessible through a convenient interface completely translated into Italian and at no cost.

How do you say? Would you like to know more? Well, then take a few minutes of free time and read on: below I will explain in detail how the Bitrix24 all-in-one virtual office works , I will show you all its main functions and I will show you how to take the first steps inside of this platform. At this point, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and, above all, good work!


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  • How Bitrix24’s all-in-one virtual office works
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    • RPA
    • Time management
    • Human resources
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How to get started

Before getting to the heart of this guide and explaining in detail what tools are available on Bitrix24 for managing your virtual office , it may be useful to know the various plans available for using the service and, above all, the procedure for creating a new account.

First of all, I would like to point out immediately that it is possible to use Bitrix24 for free by activating the Free plan which allows access to an unlimited number of users , offers a cloud storage space of 5 GB and includes a suite of basic tools for entire company: management of tasks and projects, tools for communication and collaboration, CRM, RPA, human resources management, contact center and other useful tools, such as calendar, drives and knowledge base.

Companies wishing to have more storage space, have advanced tools and have the possibility of obtaining professional assistance from the Bitrix24 staff, can activate one of the subscription plans.

  • Basic (49 euros / month): it is the ideal plan for small sales teams. The storage space is 25 GB and access is granted to 5 users. All the tools offered by the free plan are available but with more features. Furthermore, it allows the creation of an online store for the sale of one’s products.
  • Standard (99 euros / month): the storage space is 100 GB and access is allowed up to 50 users. In addition to the possibility of creating an online store, it has advanced tools for marketing management and for the creation of online documents, with the possibility of collaborative editing.
  • Professional (199 euros / month): in addition to offering all the features of the standard plan, it has advanced tools related to marketing automation, sales intelligence and sales management. It offers 1 TB of storage space and allows access to an unlimited number of users.

The prices shown for each plan refer to monthly or quarterly billing. By choosing annual or biennial billing, you can significantly reduce costs with savings of up to 48%. For more information on the prices and tools available for each plan, I invite you to consult the comparison table available on the Bitrix24 website .

Furthermore, I point out that there is also an On-premise version of Bitrix24 which can be hosted on a remote web server of your choice or distributed on a local network. This version includes many more tools and modules than the Cloud version. More info here .

After choosing the plan you prefer, you are ready to register on Bitrix24 and, consequently, create your virtual office. To do this, connected to the official website of the service , click on the Register for free button and, in the new open page, enter your email address in the appropriate field.

If you wish, put the check marks to receive information on product updates and special offers and training material via email and press the Register for free button . If you prefer, you can also log in through your Facebook , Google , Twitter , Apple , Microsoft and Zoom accounts .

At this point, access your e-mail box, locate the e-mail sent by Bitrix24 and click on the Confirm your e – mail button contained within it, to verify your identity and create a secure password that you will need to use to access your office virtual, by entering it in the Enter a password and Confirm password fields .

Once this is done, press the Save button , adjust the privacy settings  , choosing whether to be visible or invisible to other companies in the Bitrix24 chat search results and, in the Select the most used elements on your Bitrix24 screen , indicate which tool is that you intend to use more frequently on Bitrix24 between CRM , Assignments and projects , Communications and Sites .

From the main screen of the virtual office you just created, by clicking on the pencil icon located at the top left, you can add the company name and customize the office URL : keep in mind that you can change the address one once, so think carefully before proceeding.

Finally, I would like to point out that if you intend to activate one of the Bitrix24 subscription plans, you can do so at any time by clicking on the Upgrade button located at the top right, selecting the Buy option from the opened menu and clicking again on the Buy button relating to your plan. interest.

As for Bitrix24 compatible devices , you should know that the service works comfortably from a browser . However, the Bitrix24 desktop client for Windows and macOS is also available  which offers the same features as the online version: to download the software in question, connected to the official Bitrix24 website , locate the Bitrix24 Desktop App section and click on the button for the system. operating mode in use on your computer.

If you are wondering if it is possible to manage your virtual office also from smartphones and tablets , you will be happy to know that Bitrix24 is also available in the form of a free application for Android and iPhone / iPad devices . Not all the features of the service, however, are available in the app: in the next paragraphs of this guide, it will be my pleasure to show you which tools are accessible also from mobile devices.

How Bitrix24’s all-in-one virtual office works

After completing the registration and creation of your virtual office, you are ready to use the Bitrix24 tools that will allow you to add new users, create the structure of your company, assign tasks and start working in a team: you will find everything explained below. .


The Bitrix24 CRM has tools for generating, capturing and qualifying leads, to create quotes and invoices and also to automate sales. In addition, it also has tools to offer optimal communication to its customers.

To access the Bitrix24 CRM, click on the CRM item located in the left sidebar and, first of all, click on the Add button , to create your first offer. Then enter all the details in the Info boxes on the offer , Other , Products and Recurring Offer (you can also delete individual sections by clicking on the Delete section item ) and click on the Save button to add the offer in question.

At this point, using the boxes on the right, you can add any comments , schedule a call , send SMS or email , manage tasks and meetings and much more.

By selecting, instead, one of the options located in the top menu, you can add invoices , products and quotes and create automations .

In the main CRM screen, you can view all the offers you have added, choosing the type of view you prefer between List , Calendar and Kanban . This last viewing option is ideal for seeing all the stages of the funnel, that is, the process that leads the consumer from product discovery to purchase.

Furthermore, through the Kanban view you can add new phases by pausing with the mouse pointer on the name of an already present phase and pressing the + button . By clicking, instead, on the pencil icon you can change the color and name of the phase or delete it permanently (to delete a phase it must be empty).

Using the Contacts , Companies and Products options located in the top menu, you can add new contacts and companies and create a product catalog. By accessing, instead, the Analysis section (also reachable through the CRM Analysis option in the left sidebar) you can access graphs, statistics and reports relating to  sales funnels and advertising ROI , view employee performance reports , keyword analysis , call monitoring and much more.

In addition to all the tools I have indicated to you so far, you should know that the Bitrix24 CRM has other interesting features that can be reached via the left sidebar.

  • CRM Marketing: allows you to create e-mail marketing, SMS, telemarketing, voice transmission and retargeting campaigns on advertising networks directly from your CRM.
  • Sales Intelligence: allows you to monitor the metrics of marketing campaigns. By analyzing costs and ROI, it allows you to understand which marketing channels, campaigns or keywords offer the best return on investment. More info here .
  • Contact Center: is the section that allows you to configure your contact channels and offer impeccable customer service. Among the available contact channels are Mail , Live Chat , Telephony , Facebook , Telegram , WhatsApp , Instagram , Viber and more. More info here .
  • CRM Store: to sell online directly from your CRM. It offers all the features of an e-commerce: from the creation of the product catalog, to the management of orders and shipping. More info here .

Please note that using the Bitrix24 app for Android and iOS / iPadOS it is possible to view the offers created, invoices and estimates, access the product catalog and see the complete list of contacts and companies. However, it is not possible to add new data.

To learn more about how Bitrix24’s CRM works, you can read my full review of the service .

Management of assignments and projects

Assignments and Projects is one of the flagship tools of Bitrix24 that allows you to create and manage projects online, assign tasks to each employee of your company and monitor deadlines with ease.

To create a new project, select the Tasks and projects option in the left sidebar, click on the Projects item , press the Create a project button and choose the option of your interest: Public allows you to create a project visible to all and to which anyone can participate; Private to carry out a project visible only to its members and accessible only by invitation; External to create a project visible only to its members but also accessible by external users and For external publishing to create a workgroup visible only to members and accessible via moderator approval.

Once you have made your choice, enter the name , description , start and end dates and set the owner ( moderator if desired ) of the project. Then click on the Add Employees button and select the employees to be included in the project in question.

Furthermore, through the options Image , Visual theme and Other , you can customize the graphics of the project, enable the functions of your interest and indicate which users are authorized to invite other people to the project. Then click on the Create project button and that’s it.

At this point, by clicking on the name of the newly created project , you can assign tasks to the various users who are part of it. Then click on the New assignment button , specify the name and description of the assignment and, using the Manager and Participants options , indicate the user responsible for the project and the participants in the assignment. In addition, you can also indicate observers by pressing on the appropriate item.

In the Expiry field , indicate the due date of the assignment, while by selecting the Time Schedule option you can specify the start and end date of the assignment and also its duration . In the Other section , on the other hand, you can activate the time management function  , set a  reminder  for the assignment, create a  repetition  of the latter and much more.

After entering all the data necessary for creating the assignment and activating the features of your interest, click on the Add assignment button to publish it and assign it to the users selected previously. You can also click on the Add assignment option and create another one to proceed immediately to the creation of a new assignment.

By accessing the Tasks section again , you can view the complete list of tasks created and related data. By pressing, instead, on the Deadline item , you can get an overview of the tasks close to the deadline and see those that have already expired, while using the Planning manager option you can manage the scheduling of tasks.

As for the individual tasks, you can create activities to be carried out through one or more checklists that also allow you to monitor the progress of the assignment. To create a checklist, go to the post of interest to you by clicking on its name , select the Add checklist option and add as many items as you want.

From the same screen, you can also set a reminder for the assignment, activate / deactivate notifications , assign a score , add comments and configure automation rules that allow you to automate the management of assignments.

From smartphones and tablets , using the Bitrix24 app for Android and iOS / iPadOS , you can view all the tasks by clicking on the Tasks option located in the bottom menu. Furthermore, by tapping the + button , you can add and assign new tasks.

For more information on the project and task management tool, you can take a look at my guide Bitrix24 project management: features and tools for remote work or consult the official Bitrix24 website .

Document management

As mentioned in the opening lines of this guide, Bitrix24 offers a space to store files and documents, with the possibility of editing them online and sharing them quickly not only with your work group but also with external users. All this thanks to the native integration with Google Docs , Office 365 and MS Office Online .

To upload new files (the transfer takes place with SSL encryption ) and view or edit documents uploaded by other users, select the option Bitrix24.Drive placed in the left sidebar: in the section My units are collected the files that you have uploaded personally you have decided not to share with the workgroup, while selecting the Company unit option you can view the list of documents shared with all other users.

In both cases, by selecting a single file, you can download it ( Download ), share it with specific users ( Share ), change its name ( Rename ), move it to another folder ( Move ) or to the trash ( Delete ).

To upload a new file, instead, click on the Add button , choose the File option from the opened menu and select the file you want to upload. Please note that by clicking on the Add and Folder options you can also create new folders and organize the uploaded documents as you prefer.

To create a new text document, spreadsheet or presentation with one of the services supported by Bitrix24, click on the Add button , click on the service of your interest between Google Docs , Office 365 and MS Office Online and link your account (this is only necessary the first time).

All files created with one of these services can be edited directly online and, if shared with the work group, also by other users. Any changes made to the files generate a notification, which includes the date and name of the author. In addition, a revision history is also available to view the history of changes.

Finally, it will be useful to know that by accessing the Drive cleaning section , you can view the storage space that is still available and what is occupied and start a scan of all the uploaded files, in order to get tips for carrying out a safe cleaning of the cloud. More info here .

You can view all available files and upload new ones also from smartphones and tablets , by downloading the app for Android and iPhone / iPad devices . In this case, tap on the Menu item located in the bottom menu and choose the option of your interest between My unit , to view and upload new personal files, and Shared unit , to see company documents and share new files.


It will be useful to know that Bitrix24 also has tools that allow you to automate the management of any process. In particular, with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) it is possible to choose, configure and customize predefined algorithms that allow the automatic execution of operations, such as the approval of documents or the payment of invoices.

To automate a new workflow, select the Robotic Process Automation option located in the left sidebar and click on the New Workflow item . In the new screen that appears, enter its name , specify the users authorized to start the workflow and, in the Fields to fill in at startup section , add all the fields that the user will need to fill in.

To understand better, let’s take a practical example: if you are creating a workflow to automate vacation approval, in the Fields to fill in at startup section , click the Create Field option and select the Name fields (it should already be set by default) and Date / Time , so that the employee filling out the form can enter their name and vacation dates. For each added field, remember to specify the text to be displayed on the screen and indicate if it is a mandatory data by ticking the appropriate box.

Finally, indicate the users authorized to edit in the Access authorization section , choose an image to associate with the workflow you are creating and click on the Save button .

In the new screen that appears, you can add, edit and delete approval stages and, for each stage, add an assignment (i.e. the actions each manager can perform during the approval stage). Assignment templates to choose from include Approve and Reject , Request Information , Review Information, and Move to Phase .

Regardless of the assignment template you choose, in the General section , specify the assignment name and text , the queue of managers, and select the stage to which the completed task will be moved. In the Show fields section , on the other hand, you can set which fields should be visible to the assignment manager. Finally, click on the Save button , to save the changes and add the assignment.

At this point, by accessing the main screen of the previously created workflow and clicking on the Automation rules button and, then, by selecting the Configure automation rules option , you can add additional rules, both for task managers and for others employees.

Always taking as a reference the example made above for an employee’s request for leave, it may be useful to create a rule that allows an email to be sent in case of approval or rejection of the request.

For more info on RPA, you can consult the official Bitrix24 website . Also, to learn more about setting up a workflow, you can take a look at this guide (in English).

Time management

Another interesting function for time management is the virtual clocking system : using the clock in the top menu, you can start ( Registered entry time ), pause ( Pause ) and end ( Registered exit time ) your work shift, so that attendance and hours worked are automatically recorded.

The virtual clock also allows you to create a daily work plan by selecting the tasks to be carried out and the events to participate in. Also, by selecting the Daily Summary option , you can add a short report about your working day. More info here .

By accessing, on the other hand, the Time and reports section , you have the possibility to consult the absences graph , view the working hours and read the employees’ employment report. In addition, by selecting the Work Schedule item , you can create a work plan both for all employees and for specific colleagues.

Using the Bitrix24 app for Android and iOS / iPadOS , you can start and end your working day ( Working time management ) but you are not allowed to use the tools for monitoring the work of the staff.

Human resources

Among the main tools available on Bitrix24 there is an HR management system that allows not only to create the structure of your company, adding departments and associating the various employees with them, but also a complete management of human resources through tools that allow you to manage and monitor employee working hours, plan work shifts and automate processes, such as requesting holidays or reporting expenses.

The first step is to invite new users , so that they can start creating the structure of their company. To do this, click on the Invite button , at the top right, select the Invite option from the opened menu and, in the new screen displayed, choose the invitation option you prefer among Invite via link , Invite via email or phone number , Invitation Bulk , Invite to Department or Group , Invite Extranet User and Invite Partner of Bitrix24 .

Having made your choice, fill out the form with the requested information and wait for the invited users to accept your request. Alternatively, you can add a user manually by selecting the Invite and Add New User options .

When the entire team is present on Bitrix24, you can create the structure of your company by pressing the  button , at the top left, and selecting the Employees option . To add a new department, click on the Add department button , enter its name in the appropriate field and specify the possible superior department using the Main department drop-down menu . If you wish, you can also indicate a department supervisor by clicking on the Select from facility option and clicking on the name of the user you are interested in. Then click on the Add button and repeat the procedure for all the departments of your company that you intend to add.

To modify an already added department, instead, press the pencil icon relating to the department to be modified, while clicking on the X button you can delete a department and related information.

Once you have created the structure of your company, you can add the employees of the various departments. All you have to do is find the employee of your interest among those visible in the Employees section of the main department, drag them to the target department and choose whether to add them as a supervisor ( Appoint as supervisor ) or as an employee ( Add employee ).

Alternatively, select the Employees tab in the top menu, locate the user you are interested in and click on their name . On the selected user’s profile screen, click the department currently associated with the employee twice in a row and then place the check mark next to the department (or departments) in which the employee in question works. Finally, click on the Save button , to save the changes.

By activating one of the Bitrix24 subscription plans and accessing the Time and Reports section of your virtual office, you will have access to additional tools for monitoring staff working hours. In particular, it is possible to view and add absences , set working hours , consult the staff report and schedule new meetings .

Please note that through the Bitrix24 app for Android and iOS / iPadOS it is possible to add new employees but it is not possible to create or view the company structure.


Another interesting tool available on Bitrix24 is the Knowledge base , that is a multimedia center in which you can create articles, lists and any other type of content useful for sharing your knowledge with your work group: a valid solution not only for organizing company information but also to train new employees.

Whether you want to create a document with work instructions, publish checklists or write a useful manual for new hires, access the Knowledge base section by clicking on the appropriate item located in the sidebar on the left and press the Create Knowledge button base .

Now, click on the Empty Template item , to create a new document from scratch, or choose one of the ready-to-use templates from those available ( Knowledge Base Light Theme and Knowledge Base Dark Theme ). You can also download additional templates by clicking on the Download Template from Bitrix24.Market option .

Regardless of the template you choose, proceed to create your document by specifying the name , description and color of the theme . Once this is done, click on the Create button and press on the Add block option , to choose and add new blocks ( Text , Images , Videos , Columns, etc.) to your document.

All knowledge bases are automatically saved and available in the Knowledge Base section . By clicking on the Action item of a specific document, you can view it, modify it, obtain its URL, delete it or export it. Additionally, you can restrict access to certain information by configuring permission settings , even for individual knowledge bases. More info here .

Also worth noting is a Social intranet which, in addition to collecting all the activities of the office, allows you to publish new messages (also to be shared with specific people), view and comment on those published by colleagues and interact with them through comments and a system. of “I like”, “I don’t like” and other reactions. You can also create polls , events , new assignments and share files . There is also a virtual presence indicator through which you can see the employees currently online and discover those who have already finished their working day.

Finally, a mention also for the Webmail section which allows you to configure your email address and receive, read and send new emails directly from Bitrix24.

If you are wondering if it is possible to access the Knowledge base section from smartphones and tablets , you must know that the answer is affirmative but only to view the documents already created. In fact, through the app for Android and iPhone / iPad it is not possible to create new models. By accessing the Feed section, on the other hand, it is possible to interact with colleagues by publishing new messages and surveys or by adding comments and reactions to content already published.


The Bitrix24 Calendar allows you to organize events, plan meetings, make appointments and much more, with the possibility of forwarding invitations not only to other members of the work group but also to external users. Two different calendars are available: a personal one to better plan your day and a corporate one that allows you to share your commitments and view those of colleagues.

To add a new event to the calendar, click on the + button located near the Calendar item in the left sidebar. Alternatively, go to the Calendar section and press the Add button .

In the new screen displayed, enter the name of the event in the New event field , specify the time and date of the start and end of the event using the options available in the Time box and indicate in which calendar to add the event you are creating by selecting yours personal calendar or company calendar using the appropriate drop-down menu.

If you wish, indicate if the event repeats and how often ( Do not repeat , Daily , Weekly , Monthly and Yearly ) and where the event is located . Also, in the Other section , you can add a description , set a reminder , assign a color to the event and set its privacy .

In the Participants section , you can invite work colleagues or external users by clicking on the Add item and selecting the option of your interest between Invite a user or Invite a guest . Then press the Save button to add the event to the previously selected calendar.

Please note that for each event created, by clicking on the event itself and selecting the Open chat option , a chat is available to exchange information with any other invited users (it is also possible to start a video call ). By pressing, on the other hand, on the Open , Edit or Delete options , you can view the details of the event, make changes or delete it.

The Calendar section is also available through the Bitrix24 app for Android and iPhone / iPad devices : to view your commitments or add new events, press the Menu item and select the Calendar option .

Finally, I want to point out that the Bitrix24 calendar can be synchronized with other calendars, such as Google Calendar or Outlook calendar . More info here .


In addition to all the features I told you about in the previous lines of this guide, you will be happy to know that Bitrix24 has other useful tools.

By accessing the Videoconferencing section, it is possible to organize HD video calls (also protected by passwords) with the possibility of inviting up to 48 people. During a videoconference, a chat is available to exchange text messages, while using the Ask the word function it is possible to book your speech without interrupting the current speaker.

In addition to the ability to enable / disable the camera, screen sharing is also possible to share everything on your computer screen. There is also a function to record the videoconference .

As for the interaction with the other employees of the company, Bitrix24 integrates a system of social interaction which, through numerous tools (e.g. sending comments , appreciation badges , congratulations and acknowledgments among colleagues), allows to increase the involvement of employees and lead organizational growth. Furthermore, by accessing the Calls and video calls section , it is possible to chat in real time with colleagues and start calls and video calls, including group calls.

For more information

If you want to know more about Bitrix24’s all-in-one virtual office, I invite you to consult the official website of the service , where you will find a complete overview of all the tools available.

By accessing, instead, the Support section , you can read the answers to the most frequently asked questions by users, participate in free webinars (registration required) and contact the Bitrix24 customer service directly.

Finally, if you want to read guides and tutorials that will help you configure and manage your virtual office in the best possible way, you can take a look at the Blog section of the Bitrix24 website and the Bitrix24 Italy YouTube channel .


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