Windows Phone Store error code 805a8011: how to fix it?

Unfortunately, smartphone users – quite often a problem arises when trying to enter the marketplace. The system displays a failure: “Error code 805a8011”. Why does this problem occur and how can it be quickly resolved? This error appears in the Windows Phone store when trying to sign in. Those. the system requires authorization, because it is impossible to log into your profile, even with the correct entry of all the necessary data.

Causes of error code 805a8011

Forum users note that the reason for this error is the inconsistency between the settings of the mobile device and, accordingly, the Windows Phone store. Another variant of failure with code 805a8011 may mean that some process is frozen in the phone. Thus, you will not be able to download an update or a program from the store. Among other things, the user may encounter a number of problems triggered by error 805a8011, for example:

  • the Internet can function exclusively in the Internet Explorer browser;
  • email is not included;
  • WhatsApp does not go online;
  • no access to SMS messages.

All of this undoubtedly spoils the experience of operating the Windows Phone store. However, forum users offer ways to solve the problem. There are several methods for resolving error code 805a8011.

Solution 1 – change the network

One of the ways to solve the problem is changing the network, for example, if you have mobile Internet connected, and the device does not log into Windows Phone and displays the specified error, try disconnecting the Internet connection and connecting via a Wi-Fi network.

  • Go to “Settings” and from the tabs presented, select “Wireless networks”. Some smartphones differ in the names of the blocks (for example, this category is denoted by the word “Network”).
  • Turn on Wi-Fi network. A list of all available wireless networks will appear below. Select the required one and enter the password. Then the “done” button.

If you did everything correctly, then the status of your Wi-Fi network will be marked as “Connected”. Try going to the store.

Solution 2 – turn off auto-updates

Most Android apps update automatically via Wi-Fi in the background. Thus, it turns out that most of the new versions weigh more than the old ones, while the old ones are saved on the phone. If you disable auto-update of applications, you can independently and selectively update them without clogging up the device. To turn off automatic updates, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Open the Play Market. On the main page go to “Settings”.
  • You need the “Auto-update apps” option. After clicking it, in the options suggested by the system, click “Never”.

Unfortunately, some applications can easily bypass this blocking and in order to completely disable auto-updates, you must use the operating system settings.

  • Go to the “Settings” section and find the “About device” tab. Enter it and go to “Software Update”.
  • In the pop-up menu, check the “Auto update” checkbox.

After disabling automatic updates, not only will the device memory be significantly saved, but also the Internet traffic itself.

Solution 3 – freeing memory

If, when you try to enter the Windows Phone store, error code 805a8011 still appears again, your phone’s memory may be overloaded. Remove all unnecessary applications and files. Since Android produces various “system junk” that is very cluttering up memory, it must be cleaned regularly. To do this, some smartphones are equipped with factory add-ons that allow you to remove unnecessary files from the operating system. For devices that do not have this function, special applications have been developed. Option 1: If there is a custom built-in add-on. The method is relevant for Xiaomi devices. Your actions:

  • “Settings” / “Memory”.
  • At the bottom, click “Cleanup” (or “Clear memory”).
  • Wait for the analysis to complete and detect junk files and then click “Clean up”.

Everything, all rubbish and debris is removed. Restart your smartphone and try going to the Windows Phone Store. If error 805a8011 persists, clear the memory in another way. Option 2: If your smartphone does not have a special add-on for cleaning garbage, you can download a cleaner from the Play Market. This instruction is reviewed on the CCleaner mobile program for Android, which can be downloaded here:

  • After installation, open CCleaner and click “Analyze” at the bottom.
  • Wait for the procedure to complete. Then check all unnecessary applications, files and processes. Click “Clear”.

After these manipulations, restart the device and try to log into your account in Windows Phone. If there are no changes, then go to the next step for solving the problem.

Solution 4 – date / time

Sometimes a time and date failure will result in error 805a8011. This is because cell towers do not always transmit accurate date / time information. Moreover, the difference can be quite significant. For instance:

And since the servers on the network and Internet traffic are largely synchronized with the mobile device, if information is submitted incorrectly, failures often occur in the form of blocking the entrance to the store with Windows background. Therefore, if the phone has automatic time / date synchronization, disable it and re-enter the exact parameters manually. Please note – when the automatic setting of the current date and time is enabled (item “Time synchronization over the network”), the manual setting button is inactive.

  • To enable access, synchronization must be disabled using the system settings. To do this, go to “Options”.
  • Further, the “Date and Time” tab, all the options you are interested in are located here.
  • You need the section “Automatic. date and time”. Then the button is the “Off” button.
  • After that, the “Date Setting” tab.
  • Mark today’s date in the calendar and click “Set”.
  • Do the same operation over time.

After restarting the phone, the error should be gone.

Solution 5 – check your account information

If an error code 805a8011 occurs during authorization in the Windows Phone store, you need to check the correctness of the information in the account settings. Your path is All Settings / Mail + Accounts. Select the section “Your data” in the menu and enter your account data there, if everything is fine, synchronize your phone with them.

It helped many users, but if it didn’t work and the error occurs again, then try the next method.

Solution 6 – new credentials

Create a new account accordingly with different data. This can be done through the “Add a Service” item, select “” and follow the pop-up options.

More detailed instructions here:

Solution 7 – factory reset

One of the reasons for resetting the settings is the appearance of various errors, including those with code 805a8011, which do not allow Windows Phone to enter the store. Resetting your smartphone to factory settings is the most radical way to fix this problem. However, it is also the most effective. Important: before the procedure for resetting the system, it is recommended to copy important information for the user (contacts, video, audio, photo, etc.) to a CD-card or transfer it to a USB flash drive (computer). In addition, on most Android mobile devices, you must first delete your Google account before resetting, since you will need to enter your old data before turning it on.

  • To perform a factory reset, you need to find the appropriate item. On different phones, it can be called differently (Restore and Reset / Archive and Reset / Privacy / Archive and Reset), so you need to clarify this point.
  • As a rule, regardless of the device, at the very bottom of the list of options there is a reset item that you need to click. The name on different phones may also differ:  Reset phone settings / Advanced reset / Erase all data / Master reset.
  • Confirm the operation by choosing Erase All.

After restarting the smartphone, error 805a8011 when entering the Windows Phone store will definitely not bother, as the overwhelming majority of members of the forum say.

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