How to connect your graphics tablet to your phone

In recent years, technology has developed extremely rapidly. Each of us can try ourselves as a photographer with a cool camera, a director with the capabilities of modern software and, of course, an artist with many different applications. However, do not forget about the various gadgets that help us in the implementation of our ideas. For people who are not indifferent to drawing, this is a graphics tablet. Unfortunately, we will not be able to teach them how to draw, but explaining all the technical subtleties of the settings – no problem.

What is a Graphics Tablet

You can quite rightly answer: what has the smartphone to do with it? The bottom line is that creating a drawing on canvas is a complex process that requires a certain skill and working conditions.

Given the fact that people have begun to actively travel lately, few artists or designers work only from home. This means that the laptop is not always at hand, which causes some difficulties. This is where your phone will come in handy, which will cope with all tasks without any problems. Very handy if you are somewhere away from home.

Is it convenient to draw on a graphics tablet without a screen

It is clear that the scenario of using a graphics tablet with a phone has some nuances. Please note that if you connect the panel to a smartphone, you will not be able to see the whole picture , because the diagonal of the phone screen will simply not allow you to do this. Artists say that a phone with a diagonal of at least 6.2 ″ is suitable for comfortable use.

Plus, keep in mind that in addition to a tablet, you will have to buy a phone stand and a special OTG adapter to connect the two gadgets together. This causes some difficulties, including material ones. Feel free to add another thousand rubles to the cost.

Plus, you need to understand that not all smartphones are compatible with graphics tablets. If you are just planning to purchase such a device, be sure to read the instructions for the gadget and pay attention to compatibility. In addition, download the OTG Checker to check your smartphone for compatibility with the adapter.

How to connect a graphics tablet to a smartphone

Let’s repeat ourselves. A graphics tablet is not an independent device, but only peripherals that serve as an auxiliary tool. Before purchasing, check the compatibility of your phone, the version of the operating system and check if your device supports OTG cables.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of graphic tablets on the market, the connection process is approximately the same on all devices:

  • Go to Settings, General and activate the OTG option.
  • Connect the OTG cable to your graphics tablet.
  • Then connect your Andoroid smartphone to the wire.
  • Take a stylus and try to slide the stylus across the tablet.
  • If the phone perceives the stylus as a mouse, then everything is working correctly.
  • Next, open any drawing application and try out the car.

Then everything depends specifically on your device. Specifically, my tablet has buttons on the nib itself, which greatly expands its functionality. Take some time to fine-tune your device and you will be happy.

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