Android TV Tricks Everyone Should Know

Using Android TV is discoveries every day. Not only does the system itself make you reconsider your usual view of watching TV every day, but also experienced users throw something new. These tricks not only make life easier, but also help you save money. In almost two months with Android TV, I realized something interesting: for example, a smart TV has a lot more to it than a regular TV without an operating system. And also the fact that this is a great buy anyway – you definitely shouldn’t worry about how often you will watch it! Even watching your favorite shows on YouTube for 40 minutes before going to bed can significantly lift your spirits. What else can surprise Android TV?

How to watch YouTube without ads

Watching YouTube on Android TV with ads is blasphemy. There is nothing worse when your favorite show is interrupted by commercials. Of course, you can get YouTube Premium , but not everyone will agree to pay 200 rubles a month. Android would not be Android if it were not for the unique opportunity to significantly save money.

  • Download Seed4.Me VPN for Android (available for Windows, iOS);
  • Install the application and select Argentina in the list of countries;
  • Connect to VPN;
  • Open in your browser and sign in to your account;
  • Choose “Individual” or “Family”. Try it for a month for free if you haven’t used it yet.
  • Enter your bank card details ( preferably a virtual one ) and confirm the payment.

The subscription will cost you 86 rubles at the current rate. By the way, you can add up to 5 people to “Family” and it will cost a little more: you can cheat a little and make money on your friends, but I didn’t tell you that .

How to save on subscriptions

A TV with Android TV is conducive to getting more subscriptions. On the one hand, it is good when you have everything at once, on the other – not very much . However, you can also save on them. In the fall, I seriously thought about buying a subscription to OKKO Sport for several thousand rubles. It turned out that it is actually cheaper to do it.

  • Go to Avito and enter the desired subscription in the search;
  • Feel free to choose any offer from the list;
  • Write to the owner and select the option for the number of devices that you need. I bought a TV-only subscription – it’s cheaper;
  • Later, write to him in the messenger, he will add you to the subscription or send you instructions.

You shouldn’t worry about the money spent. First, all sellers offer it at the same price. Secondly, everyone is interested in profit – there should be no deception. Now you can watch movies, TV shows and sports directly on your TV or using your Android TV set-top box .

What to look for : Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is the best option for enjoying Smart TV content on a regular TV. This module definitely needs no introduction.

TV apps

The main advantage of Android TV over other operating systems is the richest Play Market application store. By the way, you can read how the most popular Smart TV operating systems differ from each other . You can also install Android apps on your Android TV by sending them from your smartphone or laptop.

You can try not only Google Chrome and other familiar programs, but even games. To use them, you definitely need a mouse, keyboard or game controller from a game console – Android TV perfectly syncs with peripherals.

How to connect headphones to a TV

Smart TVs with Android TV have made it easier to connect accessories. Now when you want to watch a movie on a big screen, but cannot do it for some reason at high volume, just plug the headphones into your TV. This is very easy to do.

  • Go to Android TV Settings, select “Remotes and Accessories”;
  • Click “Add device”;
  • Turn on Bluetooth visibility on the headphones;
  • Follow the instructions on the TV.

Thus, you can connect to Android TV not only headphones, but also speakers, joysticks and other convenient accessories.

What to look for : I watch movies in the comfortable JBL Tune 500BT TWS headphones . Ears do not get tired of them, and the headphones themselves do not discharge for a long time and give out a cool sound!

I also started using the Samsung keyboard for TV only. I recommend the Samsung Trio 500: it’s lightweight and has a pleasant key travel.

Screensaver on Android TV

Another feature that I highly recommend you is the screensaver on Android TV . By default, the background is set to dark, but it is possible to decorate the room using the TV.

  • Go to Android TV Settings;
  • Select “Screensaver”;
  • Specify the source of the images. These can be files from internal memory or a gallery from the Internet;
  • Be sure to specify the time of inactivity after which the screensaver will activate. I put in 5 minutes.

Your TV will now display the date screensaver in idle mode, changing the picture from time to time. Thus, it will not only decorate your home, but it will also be in energy saving mode.

Besides Android TV, there are many operating systems for Smart TVs. But there are only two popular smartphones: Android and iOS. They told why the third operating system is definitely not worth waiting for.


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