6 reasons to use SMS in 2021

In the days of instant messengers and social networks, SMS messages seem to be outdated and very expensive means of communication. Some operators still add message packages to their tariffs and many subscribers use them. I would like to protect SMS from the attacks of messenger lovers: they still have benefits that lie not only in communication. In addition, communicating via short messages is a very expensive pleasure: the cost of one message varies between $0.027 to $0.068, and because of the endless flows of messages in Telegram, it is very difficult to retrain yourself to express yourself briefly, but succinctly. And it is thanks to SMS that we have instant messengers. Check the balance of your plan: it seems that today you will have a great excuse to send an SMS message.

How to write if you are blocked

One of the most original ways to use up an SMS package in your tariff is to contact the one who blocked you. There are different situations in life when people block each other, leaving no way to communicate. Of course, you can call, but where are the guarantees that the call will be answered? Another thing is the good old SMS, which will be displayed on the phone screen.

My experience tells me that in all cases when you find yourself on the black list , they forget about the lock on the phone. It is then that SMS-messages come into play, through which you can at least explain to a person that anger is in vain or you are misunderstood. So, don’t rush to write off short text messages : they may one day even save your relationship.

Why do you need a push-button telephone

Despite the fact that in 2021 many treat push-button dialers very arrogantly, calling them “grandmothers”, they do not lose their relevance. Someone uses it as a spare phone , some thus arrange a digital detox for themselves , while for others it’s just a hobby. And also push-button phones are loved by older people for their unpretentiousness. By the way, most push-button phones in 2021 became smart and even got the KaiOS operating system . Despite this, it is either not so easy to install the messenger there, or it is completely impossible. SMS messages are perhaps the most proven way to stay in touch with loved ones.

What annoys people in communication

Not so long ago, we published a cool article on how to piss off an interlocutor in a messenger . One-word messages are one of the points that annoys, probably, everyone in general. It is very difficult to get rid of parceling , but it is possible.

Do you remember how we used to write SMS messages ? We tried to express the idea briefly, but succinctly, keeping within the set number of characters so as not to overpay. By using SMS, you will not send “OK” in a separate message. And also SMS taught us to shorten words, look for synonyms, but do it wisely and not disfigure the language.

SMS for business

When I worked in the fitness industry, phone calls and text messages were the main means of communication with clients. Why are they needed if everyone has WhatsApp or Telegram ? The fact is that it is this method of communication that is official, which does not violate the personal boundaries of another person: “ knocking ” on WhatsApp is not entirely allowed and there is a certain probability that your messages will be whisked away and not read.

It was with the help of SMS notifications that we notified our clients about promotions, congratulated them on their birthday. In my memory, it has never happened that a member of the club did not notice or did not receive congratulations, unlike in WhatsApp. This proves once again that SMS is still the most reliable way to connect with people.

What to do if there is no Internet

Mobile Internet is developing by leaps and bounds: now even in the most remote corners of the country there is 3G or LTE . But sometimes the signal disappears, and an E is displayed in the corner of the screen. This means that it will be unrealistic to send a message in instant messengers: you will either have to wait a long time for everything to load, or try to send the message again and again, which rarely helps. I hope you still have SMS included in the tariff on your phone: text messages are sent even with not the best communication signal. That is, you will be able to send the necessary information or simply contact loved ones when the mobile signal is against you.

What to write to your loved one

In my opinion, a paper letter is the best option to please and pleasantly surprise a loved one. But in second place are SMS: a short text message will surely delight or surprise your soul mate. Such messages are not lost in tons of everyday correspondence in Telegram , they are not deleted, they are saved as a souvenir by adding screenshots to Favorites in the Gallery. This is because SMS is written with concentration, thinking over every word. Be sure to do this if you have not written SMS for a long time – you will definitely like it.

SMS messaging is a cool and reliable way to communicate. And it’s even better when the smartphone works at 100% and does not slow down. They told us what needs to be turned off in the smartphone so that it is convenient to use it.


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