Shift Key: Shortcuts, Functions and Uses

It is very normal that we do not know what each of the keys on our keyboard means or does, because there are many keys and each one has a different function, so we will show you which is the Shift key on the keyboard and why it serves.

What is the Shift Key

The Shift key is as follows:

You can find it on both sides of the keyboard on your desktop or laptop, and it does a lot of things.

Functions of the Shift Key and what it is for

The shift key has many functions like:

  • Serves as keyboard shortcuts
  • Used to select multiple items
  • Capitalize the letters
  • key combinations
  • Bring out the hidden functions of the keys.

For this reason, the shift key is one of the most used and essential keys on our computer keyboard .

Shift Key Appearance

The appearance changes depending on the keyboard manufacturer, where there is an arrow pointing up that can be seen in any of the following ways (⇑ or ↑) and next to it appears the name shift.

Common Uses of the Shift Key

The shift key has many uses, but these are the most used:

  • SHIFT + letter: Converts the letter you choose to uppercase (A,E,I,O,U)
  • SHIFT + numbers 1-0 on keyboard : Activates the number functions among them are: ( !, «, $, %, &, /, (, ), =, ?, ¿ ).
  • SHIFT + right drag: Increases the aspect ratio.
  • SHIFT + mouse wheel: In some browsers you can zoom by holding down the shift key and moving the mouse wheel.

Shift Key Shortcuts

This key is used to make many shortcuts, which will save us a lot of time when using our computer.

  • ALT + SHIFT + TAB:  We can see all the open applications on our pc so that we can choose the one we want to see.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + TAB:  It allows us to move from window to window in our browser.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + N:  open a  sale in incognito mode .
  • CTRL + SHIFT + T:  Open the last tab that was closed.
  • SHIFT + DELETE: Permanently delete the files without going through the trash .
  • CTRL + SHIFT + ESC:  Open  Task Manager  (Windows).
  • CTRL + SHIFT + B: Hide the browser  bookmarks bar .
  • CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE – Delete  Browsing History .

What is the Shift key on my Mac

Mac computers also have the shift key on their keyboard, which is located on the left side of the keyboard and has many functions just like on computers that use Windows, but on Mac it has even more functions.

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