How to Do a Survey on Google Drive for Free

Many times it turns out to be very expensive to obtain information from other people, but google makes this task easier for us, especially when we want to obtain information on a specific sector or topic, since it provides us with tools to create surveys or forms, it is very easy to do so and in a matter of minutes you will have a very professional and free survey, without the need to spend a single penny.

So stick around and we’ll show you how to make a google drive survey easy and fast. 

What should we know before creating a survey in Google Online?

To do a survey on google drive you must know two very important things: 

  1. You must have a google account.
  2. Have the questions that you will put in the survey ready, so that it is easier for you to create it with google drive. 

Once you have these two things, we can now move on to creating a form in google drive. 

How to Make a Form in Google Drive for Free

Google drive is a very good application , which in addition to allowing us to use it as online storage, also gives us the opportunity to use it to do work online, such as working with word or excel documents, editing them, creating them and of course creating all kinds of surveys . 

Here are the steps to take a survey on google drive. 

1. Enter Google Drive to Create a Form

If you already have a google account, you just have to go to google drive and log in, this way you can enjoy all the options it has. 

how to make a quiz on google drive

2. Go to Forms to Create a Survey

Once inside google drive, follow these steps: 

  • Click on «New» .
  • Scroll down to where it says “More” and click on it.
  • Click on “ google forms”.
  • And finally on «blank form» .
how do you do surveys with google

How to Do Google Surveys with Forms 

When entering forms, you will see the template to create a new survey. 

To start creating the survey easily, follow these steps:

1. Create your survey name and description. 

how to create a quiz in google

Here you must enter the name that your survey will have and below you place the description, in this way the person will know what the questions will be about and what is the reason for it. 

how to create surveys in google drive

2. How to Enter the Questions in your Google Drive Survey

how to create a survey in google drive
  • First enter the first question as in the example above, the question should be about the topic of the survey.
  • Then choose how you want the answer options to appear, here you can choose between multiple choice , if you want the part of the answer in circles or boxes, if you want the options to be seen horizontally or vertically.  
  • You can also automatically add the options yes, no and maybe, but if you don’t want to do this, you can click on option one and write what you want, to add more response options you must click on add an option.
  • Further down you have the option to make the answer to the question mandatory, you can also delete the question or duplicate it . 

Here is what a finished question would look like:

how to do a google survey

3. How to Add More Questions to Google Survey

To add more questions to the form, you must click on the plus sign on the right side:

how to make a google form

4. How to Send Google Drive Survey

When you have finished taking your survey, you must go to the top right and click on send.

how to do a survey with google

Once you click send, the following options will appear:

how to make a form in google

In this box you can choose where you want to share your survey, by email, copying only the URL of the form, copying an iframe to paste on a website, sharing with social networks such as facebook or twitter. 

If you send it by mail, just put the email of the person you want to send the survey to, press send and that’s it, the survey will arrive in the person’s email and they will be able to access the survey link or answer it from the same email. 

If you want to copy the link to paste it wherever you want, just select the entire link, hit copy, go to the place you want to paste it and that’s it, you can also send it by messages like whatsapp or messenger , from there people will be able to answer it. 

how to do a survey on google

If you want to copy the HTML to paste it on a web, just copy that iframe and paste it on your web. All the people who click on it, will be able to enter and answer the survey. 

5. How to See People’s Responses to My Survey Created with Google Drive

When people start responding to your survey, the answers will automatically accumulate, from there you will be able to see how many surveys have been answered, as in the following image:

how to do a survey on google drive 2019

You just have to click on the section that says answers, from there you will see each and every one of the answers to the survey with graphs, so that you can draw conclusions from it.

how do you do surveys on google

Now you know how to create a form with google drive. 

Example of Survey created with Google Drive

Next, we show you an example of what a survey created with google drive would look like:

As you have seen, doing surveys with google drive is very simple , you don’t need to spend a single penny, or spend hours and hours creating it, in a matter of minutes you will have the form you need. 

This is especially for people who need to study a specific sector or niche, many students need to do surveys and many companies carry out forms to study the economy and interests of the people of a city. 

What should a Survey or Form contain?

To do surveys on google drive and for them to be very successful, we must ask questions relevant to the topic being discussed, they must be clear and concise, try to ask short questions and get to the point, mainly you must make the person who answers your survey feel good and comfortable answering your questions. 

The title of the survey must be clear and the description must show the purpose of the survey, so that people identify with it. 

Do not put so many questions, since it can be tedious for some people to be answering many questions.  

If you have any questions, leave it in the comments and we will help you solve it, do not forget to share this article with your friends. 

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