How to Recover Instagram Account

Instagram is a very good social network and has millions of users all over the plant, it shares photos and videos of people who like to share the most important moments of their lives with their friends and family.

However, today many have had the problem of not being able to enter their instagram account. And the most common questions are , could it be that my Instagram account has been hacked ? Will I be able to recover my Instagram account? What do I do? and all this has an answer and that is yes, you can recover it, you just have to follow certain processes depending on the reason why you cannot enter your instagram account. 

So stick around and we’ll show you how to recover your instagram account easily and quickly. 

What should I know before I can recover my Instagram account?

There are several reasons why you cannot access your instagram account, the first thing you should do is know what is the reason why you cannot access said account. 

  1. Your instagram account has been deleted or deleted , by yourself, since you did not want to access it again.
  2. Your instagram account has been deactivated , by yourself since you did not want to enter it for a while.
  3. You cannot access your instagram account because you have been blocked for violating one of the instagram policies .
  4. Your instagram account has been hacked or stolen .
  5. You have forgotten all your data to enter instagram.

Once you know the reason why you cannot access your instagram account, let’s move on to solving this problem. 

How to Recover an Instagram Account Easy and Fast

Next, we will show you how you can access your instagram account again depending on the problem.

Recover Instagram account Deleted or Deleted by oneself

We are sorry to say that if you delete or delete your instagram account, you will no longer be able to access it, since all your data has been permanently deleted by yourself , the only thing you can do is create another instagram account.

Recover Deactivated or Disabled Instagram Account

If you have deactivated or disabled your instagram for a while, recovering it is very easy, since you just have to enter it as usual, just follow the following steps to access instagram.

  1. Enter the instagram app or go to 
  2. Enter your data, password and usual email.
  3. Now you can access your instagram account, it is automatically activated when you enter.

Recover Blocked Instagram Account

If instagram has blocked or banned your account, because you violated their content policies, you will have to wait the time stipulated by instagram, since they will block your account for a certain amount of time, this depends a lot on which rule you have violated.

Among the most frequently violated policies that result in account bans are: 

  • COPYRIGHTS . You posted content from another author.
  • SEXUAL CONTENT . You posted sexual content.
  • OFFENSIVE CONTENT . You posted inappropriate and offensive content towards another person.
  • SPAM . You post the same thing over and over again.
  • ILLEGAL SALE . You sell instagram accounts or any instagram content.
  • MANIPULATE THE API . You intentionally tampered with the Instagram API.

Recover Hacked or Stolen Instagram Account

When this happens we feel that the world is falling apart, but not everything is lost, since we can make an effort to recover the hacked account, if someone has hacked your instagram or stolen your account, you must follow the following steps at the bottom of the letter.

  1. Try logging in with your usual username and password.
  2. In the event that the above does not work, click on: reset password.
  3. If this doesn’t work because all your personal information on the account has changed, check your email, because every time you change your password, you get an email from, telling you that you can revert the changes you made before . . You just have to follow the instructions in that email to recover your stolen instagram account. 

You look for that email in spam or junk mail, if you don’t find it in your inbox.

Recover Instagram account without password

Believe me, you are not the only one who has forgotten the instagram password , since many people forget it, this is very common and what you should do is click on “Forgot your login data”. 

  1. once inside the instagram password recovery help center, enter any of the following information: username, email or mobile phone number. Hit next.
  2. When you enter your data, choose any of the three options that they show you, which can be: by message, by email or by Facebook.
  3. In any option you choose you will receive a link where you can change the old password for the new one, and that’s it.

Recover Instragran Account Without Email from Instagram PC

  1. You should go to
  2. Once inside click on: Forgot your password?
  3. Type any of the following information: username or phone number.
  4. Depending on the option you have chosen, you will receive a link where you can recover and change the old password for a new one.

I still can’t log in to my Instagram account

If you have done all of the above and you still cannot access, although believe us you will not get to this point, but if for one reason or another you have gotten here, we leave you the following steps, which you must follow to recover your instagram account once and for all for all.

Enter the instagram app and go to the Settings / Help section and click on “Report a problem”. Here he explains the problem to instagram.

If you cannot enter from the app, go to the Instagram help center from your PC. From here you can see what you should do or send an email to instagram to help you.

You can also go to Instagram support on Facebook. or From there you can describe the problem you have.

Ask your friends for help , making a report on instagram that your account has been stolen or hacked, for this you should go to settings / Help and click on “Help about privacy and security” and click on “Report accounts and publications” .

Write very formally and pray to get your instagram account back, as they take a long time to respond to these types of requests.

If you have any questions, leave it in the comments.

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