How to successfully live stream on Twitch?

With broadband becoming more and more perfect on the internet, we see new platforms every day that offer things based on Streaming, which is the video broadcasting of something. Streaming is a direct broadcast that does not need to be downloaded, just launch it and watch the video content. At the beginning, it was a little difficult because the technology did not allow clear and seamless broadcasting, but with very high speeds you can watch live videos in very high definition.

Video streaming of music and movies

At the start of streaming, many sites started broadcasting films, concerts and music videos in order to attract a maximum audience to generate CPM (clicks per minute) which represented a large part of their income. These sites attracted a lot of advertisers as there was a large influx of young audiences who wanted to watch movies and concerts from their favorite artists.

Many well-known firms and companies took an interest in this traffic to promote themselves to a fairly dense crowd of Internet users who were looking for streaming on all platforms.

This kind of site marked a great success because you could watch all kinds of videos such as:

  • movie trailers;
  • the documentaries ;
  • concerts and music videos;
  • broadcasts of sporting events.


After the popularization of streaming, a phenomenon was born, it is that of the diffusion of the parts of video games played by very professional players and which are followed live by thousands of spectators in streaming, among these platforms we find the Live Twitch platform which has become a very popular phenomenon among gamers these days.

Launching a Live on Twitch

The ancestor of Twitch is, it’s a concept that consisted of broadcasting banal moments in the lives of users. Everyone was improvising something, everyone wanted to show their passion by broadcasting more or less thematic or entertaining activities, in a way it was reality TV of ordinary people. After a while it was noticed that people were watching more other people playing video games and that’s when the site got its calling. The platform was acquired in 2014 by Amazon and has become the game streaming platform par excellence. His popularity on Twitch has gone beyond beliefto the point where it alone generates half of the figures of this sector on the Internet. They made $1.7 billion with half the users compared to YouTube .

Some Twitch subscribers watch game play while commenting for their favorite players and viewers can see the game play and the commentary. The broadcaster is called a streamer and the commentator is called a caster .

How is a live on Twitch?

To make or launch a live on Twitch , you must first download the streaming software. In general, we use Xplit Broadcaster , then we create a profile on Twitch, we must then start Xplit and connect the Twitch account. Once at this stage, you just have to launch the game you want to broadcast, if you want to launch a chat, you launch it from Twitch by also launching the screenshot.

The chat is done with people watching your broadcast through Widgets to have good interactivity with them. This Twitch streaming software allows you to have a quality in 4k60fps , you can remove the background in addition to macros and shortcuts and preview modes .

If you want to make tutorials, there is the Whiteboard plugin which allows you to draw on game scenes to show a detail to your spectators or followers .

On the other hand, it is very difficult to make money even if you have a lot of followers and spend a lot of time streaming, the entries are not large enough to be able to live on it. There are still a few exceptions who have made a fortune by broadcasting games on Twitch, but they are not very numerous.

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