How to become a video game tester?

Before marketing a video game, it is important to make it go through several tests in order to find possible bugs and correct them afterwards. A task carried out by the video game tester . A profession of passion, because the latter plays for hours to evaluate the gameplay, to test actions, and to predict the criticisms of future players. How to become a video game tester ? Find out more about this profession in the following lines.

Video game tester job description

The video game tester is a real quality control agent , he is responsible for capturing the different kinds of defects in a video game. His opinion is respected and his role is very important, since it is about the commercial success of the product.

The main mission of the video game tester is to judge the correctness of the gameplay (functionalities, handling, general difficulty, atmosphere, etc.) and to find the bugs so that subsequently, they are imperatively corrected by the programmers before putting it on. on sale.

In order to give his conclusions and his honest opinion on each aspect of the video game, he will have to anticipate and foresee the criticisms of future players.

This is done by repeating the same gestures all the time and pushes the limits of the game, trying for example to exhaust the possibilities of each weapon, to enter the sets, and to test acts not provided for by the scenario, etc.

To detect bugs, the game tester uses various tools, namely:

  • reporting software;
  • Data base ;
  • Capture software (image, video).

Contrary to popular belief, to test a game properly, you need to have a vast knowledge of video game culture , experience, but also a lot of seriousness, concentration and time!

What skills are needed to do this job?

As mentioned above, a tester may repeat the same action several times in order to find errors. He tries to put himself in the shoes of future players in order to be able to anticipate their reactions. Tedious and lengthy checks, but important to make the product a worthy game. Here is what he is asked to master:

  • The product strategy;
  • The diversity of behavior of gamers;
  • The basics of game design;
  • The operating rules of the games;
  • Technical English;
  • The production chain;
  • Reporting and technical tools, database.

Without forgetting a good command of the English language, resistance to stress, a precise sense of observation and an analytical mind.

What are the training or diplomas to follow to practice this profession?

There is no typical path to becoming a video game tester and exercising this profession. Most come from the practice of games in general within a company, while others are formed within computer courses.

Generally after the Bac, it is advisable to do a BTS communication and graphic industries , indeed this training allows candidates to find solutions to technical problems related to text and image processing.

The training courses below also prepare for the profession of video game tester:

  • IT GOAL Digital imaging option;
  • The audiovisual trades BTS Image and sound option.

Higher schools also offer training that allows access to this profession so popular , especially during the last decade. This is the case with G. Tech , which is one of the three most recognized schools in Gaming Campus. This is accessible after the Baccalaureate, once the student has obtained his Bachelor’s degree in computer development, video game option, he will have acquired solid skills to work in this field.

Following this course, amateur video game testers will also be trained by experience: they will be able to participate in practical work, alone or in groups, and will produce productions such as a complete demo of a game.

It should also be kept in mind that the profession of video game tester is very popular, which is why it is recommended to duplicate experiences and training in the sector in order to put the odds on your side.

Find training in video games at the Ynov Campus school

This school should not be unknown to you! The latter has trained an incalculable number of students wishing to work in the world of video games. And, there is no shortage of branches in this ever-evolving industry. In addition to being able to complete training to become a programmer, game designer, or to exercise another profession in order to learn how to make a video game , you can also take training in order to become a video game tester.

Indeed, there is no point in being an influencer or working in an important media to be able to test a video game. On top of that, by taking training to learn how to make a video game, you can more easily highlight problems whether in the technical, visual or audio aspect. You will potentially be a person relatively popular with video game developers and publishers, so if you want to become a video game tester, do not hesitate to inquire at the Ynov Campus school or at the school specializing in the video game near you.

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