Optimizing your PC: tips for better performance

Whether it’s to enjoy your favorite video games, work from home or in the office, or just for entertainment or documentation, the PC has become a must have, which no one can do without.

Your PC is sluggish and buggy every week, and you’re looking for a way to boost its performance. Don’t panic, just optimize it, but how?

There are several techniques and software capable of significantly optimizing the performance of your computer , it all depends on your needs, the operating system of your PC, as well as your budget. Follow the leader !

PC cleaning in 3 steps

If your computer shows signs of weakness, sometimes a good cleaning can be the solution to give it a second life. Indeed, a computer with a saturated storage space can run slowly and lower its performance.

This is why, before taking your computer to a repairer, it is strongly recommended to do a complete cleaning. But what is this process?

Here is a practical guide for optimal cleaning of your PC, in just 5 steps:

  • start by deleting your regular junk files manually, you can use “Disk Cleanup” utility on Windows;
  • uninstall unnecessary programs manually, or by going through “Settings”, then “Applications and features” to access your software on Windows;
  • defragment its hard disk by clicking on “All programs” in its start menu, then “System tools”, and “Defragmentation”;
  • in the task manager, disable the programs opened automatically and not unused;
  • all you have to do is organize your desktop, classifying your programs and documents by folder for greater clarity.


After following this guide, your PC will run faster and run for optimal performance.

How to optimize your PC?

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your PC, if it is still not as efficient and fast as you would like, you can go through specialized software to try to optimize its PC performance. Otherwise, the ideal solution is to buy more efficient equipment, to boost your PC. A bar of random access memory, also called “RAM” in addition, will lighten your PC, for more speed for example.

An additional hard drive, external or internal, is also a good way to have more storage space in your computer to avoid overloading it too much and creating delays.

You can also change the graphics card or double it to improve the graphics of the image, if you are a fan of video games on PC or improve the cooling system to prevent it from overheating.

In short, the performance of a PC depends on its components, so opt for state-of-the-art equipment for tailor-made optimization.

Tips to optimize your Windows 10

If you have noticed that your Windows 10 is losing speed, and it is not performing as well as before, your computer needs optimization. If you want to improve the performance and increase the speed of your PC, in Windows 10, just follow our tips.

You can do a complete cleaning of your PC, as explained above, by removing unnecessary software and files.

In a Windows 10, the defragmentation of your hard drive is done systematically every week.

If after trying everything, your Windows 10 still does not improve in terms of performance and speed, the only solution available to you is to reset this operating system. This procedure is a kind of last resort, because it will reset your Windows 10 to factory settings, and remove all installed programs.

Here are the steps on how to reset your Windows 10 settings:

  • press the start menu or the Windows logo;
  • click on “Settings”, and choose the “Update and Security” tab ;
  • select “Recovery”, and click on “Get started”, which will be right below “Reset this PC”.

Following this step, you will be asked if you want to delete everything, or keep your personal files, or even the setting of your computer.

Once the reset is done, you will be sure to find a brand new PC with its initial performance.

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