How does Apple Arcade work?

How does Apple Arcade work? Apple Arcade is a video game subscription service offered by the Apple firm which is attracting more and more video game enthusiasts as well as professionals in the field. The reasons for this renewed interest can be explained by the rich and wide selection of games on offer. Learn how this Apple service works here.

Access the Apple Arcade service first

If you have one of the devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or a Mac, you can access the services of Apple Arcade . To do this, all you have to do is open your Apple device and go to the traditional App Store video game platform . Next, go to the Arcade tab . However, make sure that your device is up to date to give you the possibility of seeing the Arcade service on the initial game interface.

Once you have access to the Arcade tab, scroll down and click on the option: ” see all games ” at the bottom of the interface. This way of doing things allows you to see the wide selection of games to which you will have access, once you take out a subscription.

Subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription

The Apple Arcade service offers you a variety of video games that you can directly play online or download at your leisure. To benefit from these offers without advertising and without in-app purchase, you just need to subscribe. To do this, start by looking for the subscription offer in the Arcade tab. If you want to access the game on your Apple TV, please open the Arcade App on it. Next, review the information referring to the subscription offer .

Besides, on other devices like your smartphone or others of Apple brand, you can easily see the option ” subscription offer” . If this information does not appear in the interfaces of one of your devices, the solution would be to try to download a game. This action would allow you to be invited to subscribe. The rest would be to take out the subscription.

Access to the subscription is via an Apple ID

When prompted to subscribe to the Apple Arcade video game service, sign in with your username . This represents the information you use to make purchases of multimedia content.

You may not have a login. To do this, all you have to do is make one, by following the registrations that will be displayed to you. It should be noted that during the subscription, you are asked to enter a valid method of payment for the subscription. For this reason, it is still useful for you to carefully check your payment information. Note that during the invitation, you will be asked to accept the general conditions of use. Accept them.

A wide range of unlimited games after subscription are offered

Once you subscribe, you get a hand-picked collection of games. You can play online or download an unlimited number of games. Other features are offered to you such as family sharing. This option offers you the possibility of sharing your subscription with at least five members of your family or relatives. In addition, you have the possibility to cancel your family group subscription by accessing the option: leave the family group .

Three months subscription offered for a new device

If you have just purchased your new Apple device , you can enjoy three months of free subscription to Apple Arcade . To activate it, you just need to configure your Apple device after turning it on.

Then, go to the App Store by accessing the Arcade tab. The ”Activate 3 Months Free” offer should pop up for you to click on. However, it is important to know that you have 93 days to activate your free subscription. Beyond this period, the offer will no longer be valid.

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