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Even though you love card games, and in particular Solitaire games, are you tired of the classic Windows Klondike by now? I understand you but fortunately there are many free alternatives, just a click away, which do not require the download or installation of new software on your computer.

I am referring to the various types of online Solitaire that can be found on the Internet: websites that allow you to play Spider, FreeCell and dozens of other card pastimes directly from your browser. Not only from PCs but also from tablets and other portable devices. Here are the best.

If you are looking for a fun online Solitaire that offers something more than the classic Windows Klondike, check out Net Solitaire which includes some of the most famous card pastimes in the world: Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid and many more. . It is based on HTML5 technology , this means that it works on all the most popular browsers and devices without the need for additional plugins (not even Flash Player).

To choose the Solitaire to play, connected to the main page of the site, click on the Games button (located at the bottom left) and select one of the games listed in the box that opens. If you encounter any difficulties during your games, click on the Hint button to get suggestions on what to do next. The New button , on the other hand, is used to start a new Solitaire game in progress.

You can also change the decks of cards and the background of the game table, just click on the Settings button and select the Appearance item from the menu that opens. So choose the set of cards to use from the Card set tab and the table background from the Background menu . By going to the Settings> Options menu, you can change other site settings and, for example, disable the game sounds (by setting the Game sounds item to Off ).

Another HTML5 online Solitaire I recommend you try is Solitairey , which, like Net Solitaire, includes various card pastimes accessible for free from any browser or operating system: FreeCell, Pyramid, Spider, Golf, Monte Carlo, Agnes and Klondike, just to mention a few.

To choose the game to start, connected to the home page of the site, click on the Choose Solitaire Game button and select one of the Solitaire games available in the list that appears. To access the Solitairey settings and customize the appearance of the Solitaire, click on the Options button instead and go to the Cards tab to choose the deck of cards to use or to the Backgrounds tab to change the background of the game table.

If after trying the above online services you are still “hungry” for Solitaire, connect to World of Solitaire which offers a wide range of games that can be played directly from the browser, without installing programs on the PC. In addition to the inevitable Klondike, it includes Spider, FreeCell, La Belle Lucie, Pyramid and many other Solitaires. All in HTML5 and therefore working on various devices.

To access the list of Solitaires available on the site, visit its home page and select the Select Game item from the Solitaire menu (located at the top left). At this point, choose the name of the game you want to start from the box that appears and click on the Select game button to start your game.

To adjust game settings, such as animations, speed etc. uses the items contained in the Options menu . If you want to change the look of the deck of cards or the game table, go to the Decks and Background menus instead .

In conclusion, I want to tell you about Solitaire Arena , a reinterpretation of the Klondike in multiplayer mode that allows you to challenge other people in real time. As easily understood, the winner is the one who manages to complete the game first by having the same set of cards available.

The game is available on PC ( through Facebook ), Android devices and iPhone / iPad . It is free but includes in-app purchases to get extras.


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