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Spider is, together with the Klondike, one of the most loved Solitaires in the world. Its videogame transpositions are no longer counted, just think of the one included “standard” in Windows. But around the Net – not everyone knows this – there are also better ones, more complete and beautiful to look at.

A few examples? Well, actually it would be enough to type in terms like  Spider game  on Google to find plenty of them, but perhaps it is better to focus on the titles that deserve more consideration. Below you will find a selection that should be able to please everyone, or at least I hope. There are one-, two- or four-suit Spider variants for both PC and Mac, smartphones and tablets. All free, highly customizable and beautiful to look at.

We’ll also take a look at a couple of online services that allow you to play Spider directly over the Internet, without downloading additional software to your PC and without straining the batteries of energy-hungry laptops like Flash Player. Just visit them, choose the Spider variant to start and you can start having fun right away. You don’t even have to sign up or authenticate via Facebook or other social media accounts. What are you waiting for to try them?

Free Spider Solitaire (Windows)

Free Spider Solitaire  is without a doubt one of the best Spiders available for Windows. It’s free, includes five variations of this hugely popular Solitaire game, and offers truly gorgeous graphics. All accompanied by the ability to customize the look of the game: you can change both the style of the decks of cards and the backgrounds.

You can download Free Spider Solitaire on your PC, by connecting to the game’s website, scroll the page to the bottom and click on the Download Now button located under  Free Spider Solitaire  (in the central table). When the download is complete open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded (eg Free Spider Solitaire.exe ) and, in the window that opens, click first on Yes and then on Next .

Therefore accept the conditions of use of the software, placing the check mark next to the item I accept the agreement , and complete the setup by first clicking on  Next for two consecutive times and then on  Install  and  Finish .

Free Spider Solitaire will start automatically with the screen for selecting the Spider variant to start: Rouge et Noir , Simple Simon , One Suite , Two Suits and Four Suits . Double click on one of the available games to start your game.

If you want to change the deck of cards or game table, go to the Appearance tab  and click on one of the available buttons:  Select card set is used to choose the deck of cards, Select background to change the background of the table, and so on.

I also point out the availability of a version of Free Spider Solitaire optimized for Windows 8 and Windows 10, which can be downloaded from the Windows Store . Only works on PC.

Note: In the event that, during the game setup, you are offered the download of additional promotional software, decline by clicking on the Decline button  .

XM Solitaire (Windows)

If you have no particular demands under the graphical point of view and all you are looking for is a basic version of Spider  that allows you to pass a few boring moments “unscathed”, try downloading XM Solitaire . This is a collection of over 200 Solitaire cards available for free for Windows. It weighs very little and does not require any installation to work, but it includes only one variant of Spider: the two-suit one.

All you have to do is start the download by clicking on the xmsol.zip link on the game website, extract the contents of the xmsol.zip archive in any folder and start the xmsol.exe program . In the window that opens, select Spider Two Suits from the list of available Solitaires and start your game.

Even if graphically it doesn’t even come close to Free Spider Solitaire, XM Solitaire also allows you to change decks of cards and the background of the game table, just select the options present in the Cards  and Background menus .

Full Deck Solitaire (Mac)

Do you use a Mac? Then I highly recommend you try Full Deck Solitaire . This is a free Solitaire collection (with in-app purchases to unlock more games) that includes three variants of Spider: one, two and four suit variants. It also has very nice graphics, animated backgrounds and allows you to use decks of cards with different styles.

To download Full Deck Solitaire on your Mac, search for it directly in the Mac App Store and click on the  Get / Install App button . When the operation is complete, start the game, click on the Menu button  located at the bottom left and select the Spider variant you want to try from the screen that opens (by double clicking on its name).

Solitaire Spider (Web)

If you don’t feel like wasting time downloading games to your PC, you can opt for some Spider game variants available online and working directly from your browser. I can recommend a couple to always keep in bookmarks.

The first site I recommend you visit is Solitaire Spider which is made completely in HTML5. This means that it works not only on all the most modern web browsers but also on tablets, such as the iPad, and all devices without Flash Player.

By connecting to its main page, a game of the one suit variant of Solitaire will automatically start , but you can change the game type at any time by clicking on the Games button (bottom left) and selecting an option between Spider two suits ,  Spider one suit and  Spider (i.e. four-suit Spider). You can even change the decks of cards and the background of the game table, just click on the Settings button and select the word Appearance in the box that opens.

World of Solitaire (Web)

Another site that I suggest you add to your favorites is World of Solitaire , which is also made entirely in HTML5 and can therefore be used from any browser. To play Spider, connected to its main page, select the  Select game item from the Solitaire menu  and choose one of the available Solitaire variants: Spider , Spider 1 suite  or  Spider 2 suits .

If you want to change the background of the game board or the appearance of the deck of cards, click on the  Backgrounds  and Decks  items in the top menu.

Spider games for smartphones and tablets

Do you love playing on the go a lot? Then here are a couple of free apps dedicated to Spider compatible with smartphones and tablets of the main brands.

  • Spider Solitaire– a title dedicated to those who want to play Spider without too many frills. Includes 1 suit, 2 suits, 3 suits and 4 suits variants of the game and options to make the game easier for left-handed users. It is available for Android and iOS .
  • AE Spider Solitaire– another title for Spider Solitaire fans with support for three difficulty levels and the 1 suit, 2 suits and 4 suits variants of the game. The graphics are very accurate. It is available for Android ,  iOS  and Windows Phone .


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