Error code 102 when starting Sims 4

Fans of the Sims 4 computer game on various forums, including foreign ones, are hotly discussing and complaining about the error: “Failed to load the game. Error code 102: 70c7f9a6: 8998dd17. It is recommended to restart the game. ” At the same time, many note that the new game is working properly. The disappointment that technical support is silent and losing so many passed game stages and generations of families does not suit absolutely all players.

The message states that it is recommended to restart the title, but neither restarting the video game nor restarting the computer in general gives any results. Others got the same error after deleting the Mods folder from the game. Those. The Sims 4 is loading, but after a short time the screen turns gray for a couple of seconds. At the same time, the download continues, but soon throws out the choice of a city or world in the menu, giving this error 102: e0b0ddcd: 82d15ddb. At the moment, the exact reason is not clear, but given the ways users have found solutions to the problem, this is most likely due to the deletion of sims and violations of relationships.

Solution # 1

A very important aspect must be understood and taken into account. All numbers for 102: significant, because they denote this or that malfunction. For instance:

  • “Error 102: 70c7f9a5 … / 122 …”. This crash was fixed in patch 1.36.104. Update the game.
  • “Error 102: ee2b1568 … / 102: c4ef4efa …”. Looks like some kind of mod. Remove all mods you have and start the game without them.
  • Make a copy of your saves, then fix the game. Thus, all old saves will return to their normal working state.

What else can you do to fix error 102: ….

Solution # 2

In the update, numbered 1.30, it is possible to restore previously saved backups through the game.

  • Open a folder called Electronic Arts on your PC, navigate to the Sims 4 game folder, then you need to open the Saves folder.
  • Delete the last save (look for them in the column “Date added”).
  • Also on the sims 4 home screen, you can click the Load Game option.
  • Then click on the picture where the saved game file is listed.
  • Click on the bottom right “Restore Game”.
  • Select “My Saved Game”. Important: look at the dates so that you choose not the last save, but the penultimate one!
  • The video game “Refresh”, creating a copy of the family on the penultimate version of the save.
  • Now, in the window, where the choice of different families – 2 identical families.
  • Move the cursor over the copy (it is upper and will be labeled “Recovered copy”) – press play.

After that, everything should work. However, members of the forum describe situations when the game does not directly see the main save, in which case the video game needs to be restored manually.

Solution # 3

To resolve the error “102: …”, many were helped by downloading copies of the game. Here are 2 options for how to do it. Option 1 – loading saves:

  • Open the saves folder in the C drive, which is located C: Usersuser_nameDocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4. You need to configure the required folder so that the “Date modified” column is clearly visible.
  • The steps are marked in red.
  • If there is no required item in the list, use “More details”. In the section that opens, find “Date modified” and check the box. Then click “Ok”.
  • Next, sort the files in the “Date modified” column. You need to select files that, in one way or another, relate to the penultimate and last launch of The Sims 4.
  • These files can have the extensions .save / .verX (X is a number from zero to four). In the same folder, create copies of the .save files. It is recommended to do this in order not to accidentally spoil the original save.

Now these files need to be renamed. It is necessary to completely remove the extension “.verX” from the name, remove the word “copy” directly from the save. Then rename the file so that in no case the name coincides with the names of other folders / files. It should be noted that renaming has certain rules.

  • Thus, you need to rename all other files.
  • Go to Sims, find the save you want, and irrevocably delete all unnecessary ones.

Option 2 – version rollback Important: this method does not work when archiving or restore points is disabled in Windows. To roll back a folder or file, go through the following procedure:

  • Right-click on the desired folder or file. Select the Properties subsection.
  • Go to the “Previous Versions” section and select the file you need. Then the “Copy” button.

Next, you need to rename the files in the same way as described at the very beginning (first option). Then move everything to “saves” – Usersuser_nameDocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4.

Solution # 4

Another way to solve the problem: Error code 102: .. when starting Sims 4 – transfer all important saves to an empty (without mods “clean”) game. The sequence is as follows:

  • You need to rename the folder called “The Sims 4”, which is located in the path given at the end of the previous solution. And the new name could be, for example: The Sims 4_old.
  • Start the title and exit immediately. This will create a completely new, blank “The Sims 4” folder.
  • Move the Saves folder from The Sims 4_old to The Sims 4.
  • Thoroughly check the functioning of the saves and if everything is fine, transfer the Tray folder (i.e. the library) as well.

Remember that there are no universal ways – someone helped one option, and someone else, etc. Try everything in the same order as the “Solutions” posted.

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