Error 0x87de0017 on Xbox One

Xbox One gets error 0x87de0017 when trying to download, install, or sign in to a game. In general, the problem appears with almost any user activity that is somehow related to connecting directly to the Xbox Live service.

Description of the problem

Many users on the forums write that “Xbox One error code 0x87de0017” appears every time they try to enter an already downloaded video game. Although previously there were no problems with this game. Others report this error after launching any app on Xbox One every 15-20 seconds. However, in addition to the code 0x87de0017, it says: “Try again. We had problems connecting to the xbox. To check the status of the service, go to

“. Those. there are problems connecting to the console – try again. And to check the status of services, you need to follow the specified link. In both the first and second situations, it is impossible to perform any actions online, because the console is unable to connect to the official Xbox servers. In principle, the message recommends repeating or trying later. Users who have solved this problem are not advised to delay with the “expectation” that the error will self-destruct, it is better to use several ways to eliminate it.

Possible reasons

Some of the more common causes of error 0x87de0017 on Xbox One are:

  1. Content from Microsoft Store is not loading.
  2. Problems with Xbox Live services.
  3. Hacker DDoS attack on Xbox.
  4. Some files got corrupted when updating the game.
  5. Crash while updating from Blu-ray discs.

To eliminate the error under this code, you need to resort to some procedures.

Reloading content

Many users experiencing error 0x87de0017 have been helped by re-uploading problematic content. What is needed for this:

  1. Press “RT” (right trigger) on the main page, then select “A”.
  2. Select My Games & Apps.
  3. Enter the “Queue” tab. Here you need to select the application or game that you want to download.

In the case when this state is displayed “In queue” or “Paused”, you need to select a video game / application, click the “Menu” tab and select “Continue installation”.

Checking the status of Xbox Live services

Problems of this nature may be due to the failure of server services. To check the status of these services, you need to go here:

… If the status of a service is displayed in red as “Limited” or otherwise, i.e. different from green “Normal”, then the problem is here. For instance:

It should be noted that server crashes are resolved exclusively by the company’s employees and nothing else. Therefore, you just need to wait a bit until it looks like this:

In order not to check the restoration of the functioning of the servers over and over again – click the “Notify” button on this site. When the technical troubleshooting is complete, you will receive a notification that you can connect to the servers.

Uninstalling a game and hard resetting the console

This method of solving error 0x87de0017 is the most severe, so you should use it only if the previous ones did not help!

  • Open the section “My games and applications”.
  • Further submenu “Queue”. Here you need to cancel all the scheduled updates.
  • Then go to the Games menu and select the video game that is causing the error.
  • Click Remove.
  1. Go to “Settings” / “Network”. Open the “Network Settings” section and click “Disable Wireless” (if the connection is wired, the “Disable” button).
  2. If the problem with error 0x87de0017 is caused by a game on the disk, remove it.
  3. Hard reset the console by holding down the power button until the disconnect beep.

Then turn on the console, insert the game disc again and copy it completely. This must be done before connecting the device to the Internet. Once connected to the network, the pending video game update needs to be installed.

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