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Are you an avid card player and looking for a way to replicate the experience on your PC or mobile? Then I have good, indeed excellent news to give you: you have come to the right guide, at the right time. In fact, with this article of mine today I want to show you the best free card games to download . Happy?

In the following lines you will therefore find listed those that in my opinion represent the main resources through which you can find all the most beautiful card games available at no cost for computers, to be downloaded and possibly also installed on Windows , macOS and / or Linux . At the end of the guide you will also find a list of the most interesting and fun card games for smartphones and tablets, available in the form of an app to always have at hand on Android and iOS . There are many titles on the square: Poker, Black Jack, Burraco, Briscola, Tressette and so on. You are spoiled for choice!

So if you are really interested in the subject, I suggest you do not delay any longer and immediately start focusing on reading this article. I am sure that you will be able to find at least two free download card games capable of attracting your attention and that at the first good opportunity you will be ready and willing to advise all your friends eager to receive some similar advice. Happy reading and above all… have fun!

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Free card games to download for your computer


Known to most as a download site for open source software, on SourceForge you can also find an incredible amount of games of various genres, including cards. All titles are completely free and are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Make a “visit” immediately and you will see that you will not regret it.

Therefore, connect to the section of the Source Forge website dedicated to card games and use the drop-down menu located at the top right next to the Sort By item :  to select the mode by which you intend to order the display of the various titles ( Laste Update , Name or Rating ). Using the filters at the top you can further refine your search by selecting the interface language, the reference operating system, the programming language, etc.

Then scroll through the various card games available in the list that is shown to you on the screen and when you think you have found what you are interested in click on its title, read the description and take a look at the various screenshots then click on the color Download button green on the page that will be shown to you later. Once this is done, the game will automatically download to your computer. If this does not happen, please click on the direct link to force the download.


Another site I want to suggest you to appeal to to find free card games to download is  Caiman . It is a portal on which you can find freeware titles for PC and Mac to download to your computer and use without any kind of limitation as well as without an Internet connection. Among the various titles available there are obviously numerous card games.

To download one or more card games from Caiman and to install them on your computer, first connect to the dedicated section of the website and then choose the game you want to get by clicking on its title. Then take a look at the screenshots and the description in order to understand if you are actually interested in the game or not, then download by clicking first on  Download from  and then on  Download game .

Alternatively, you can also download the games of your interest directly from the official website of the selected title by clicking on the Authors homepage link  .

Then wait for the game download to start first and then complete. Then click on the file you just obtained and follow the installation procedure of the game by following the simple steps that are shown to you.

Another site that I want to suggest you to consider to find free card games to download is . It is a fairly well-known Italian portal that collects and makes available various computer video games of all kinds and types (cards included!) To be downloaded freely and in some cases usable directly from the Web browser. Most of the games available are for Windows .

To use it, connect immediately to the area of the site dedicated to card games, scroll through the list of titles that is shown to you and click on the name of the one you are interested in. Then read the description and look at the screenshots to understand if the chosen game is really for you and then click on the download item to immediately start the download on your computer.


Another site that I invite you to visit if you intend to find free card games to download is  Game Jolt . It is a portal entirely dedicated to indie games on which you can find many titles of all genres and for all platforms that can be downloaded for free (but also for a fee). Obviously, do not expect masterpieces of the videogame world but this does not mean that behind a graphic and / or an approximate plot there may be hidden small jewels to be discovered. As for the specific case of card games, a specific category is not available but by doing some research it is possible to find different and exciting titles.

To browse the catalog of games available on Game Jolt, connected to the main page of the site, click on the search bar located at the top and type the keyword related to the game you are interested in (eg poker ) and then if results are available select the Games tab at the top in order to view only the games.

Now all you have to do is click on the title you want to download, take a look at the preview images and description of the same, make sure that the game is marked with the word Free and proceed with its download by pressing the Download button  . You will then have to extract the game you downloaded from the ZIP archive in which it is contained and launch its installation package, but these steps may vary from game to game.


In an article dedicated to the best free card games to download, Steam should also be mentioned  . If – strangely – you have never heard of it, I would like to point out that it is the most famous digital distribution service for computer games. Steam supports Windows, macOS and Linux  and includes a huge selection of titles at no cost or to download for free but with paid content. As far as the card genre is concerned, there is not a huge assortment, this must be said, but the games available certainly deserve consideration.

To find out the list of all the card games available on Steam that can be downloaded without having to put your hand to your wallet, you have to connect to the appropriate section of the official website of the service. Then identify the game or games of your interest by ordering them according to specific criteria using the appropriate filters and the available rankings, take a look at the description (to understand if the game can actually interest you or not) bringing the cursor to its title and make sure also of the fact that the operating system you use is included among the supported platforms.

Once you have identified the game or games you are interested in, immediately download it to your computer by registering for free on Steam and proceeding with the installation of its official client on your operating system.

To do this, connected to the main Steam web page, click on the Install Steam button   located at the top right and, finally, click on the green Install Steam now button   on the page that opens so that you can immediately download the software . Therefore, wait for the client download to be started and completed. Then double-click on the downloaded file and follow the simple installation procedure that is shown on the screen.

Therefore, start Steam, wait a few minutes for all the components necessary to run the program to be downloaded from the Internet and then create your free account on the platform. To do this, click on the  Create a new account button  that you see on the screen and then fill out the form that is proposed to you by providing the requested information.

Finally, log in to the service and then go to the Games section   of the client, select the item  Show popular labels  from the menu that is shown to you and then click on the word Card Games on the left to start browsing all the card games that can be downloaded to your computer. The titles that can be downloaded and played without necessarily spending money are those marked with the word Free-to-Play on the side or those for which no price is indicated.

Free card games to download for mobile devices

Are you looking for free card games to download for your Android smartphone or tablet or for your iPhone or iPad? Then check out the following list of titles now. In fact, below you will find numerous games at no cost (although in some cases they offer in-app purchases) that you can download immediately on your device and with which you can have fun without problems even when you do not have a computer at your fingertips. For some games, however, this is good for you to keep in mind, it is essential that the Internet connection is active on the device in use.

  • 250+ Solitaires Free(for Android and  iOS ) – As the name suggests quite easily, this is a free collection of solitaires that includes over 250 different games, from the most popular to the most sought after. From a graphic point of view it is not flawless, but as far as the rest is concerned it is practically perfect. There are also very detailed explanations for all the solitaires included in the app.
  • Microsoft Solitaire Collection(for Android and iOS ) – From the title you understand it immediately: we are in the presence of the classic Microsoft solitaire in a mobile version. Five different solitaire games are included in a single app, all with beautiful and captivating graphics. The game is free to play but offers in-app purchases.
  • Scopa Pro(for Android and iOS ) – Is the Scopa game for Android, iPhone and iPad. It supports 4 difficulty levels, online multiplayer mode and a bonus and achievement system that makes single player gameplay more challenging.
  • Fresh Deck Poker (for Android and iOS ) – This is a good online Texas Hold’em based on a system of virtual coins that can be earned while playing or bought with real money. It has cartoonish 3D graphics with customizable avatars.
  • UNO & Friends(for Android and iOS ) – It’s basically the online multiplayer version of the hugely popular card game UNO.
  • Pyramind Solitaire Saga(for Android and iOS ) – This is a card game that is the brainchild of the creators of the famous Candy Crush Soda Saga. The player is responsible for solving hundreds of solitaire games organized in levels, all set in an adventurous and distant world. It’s free but offers in-app purchases.
  • Briscola(for Android ) – This is the classic Briscola to play for free, both in single player and multiplayer with the ability to challenge Facebook friends. It has three difficulty levels.
  • Tressette(for Android ) – Another unmissable title for card game lovers. Put simply, the Tressette within reach of smartphones and tablets. The game allows you to play both alone and in multi player mode and offers different levels of difficulty.
  • porTable(for iOS ) – This is a nice app for playing cards with an iPad in the center, with all players using an iPhone.
  • BurracoON(for iOS ) – It’s the Burraco game on the Apple mobile phone. It allows you to play online against other people and try your hand at four game variations.

In addition to what I have already indicated and free card games to download separately, there are a lot of other titles for Android and iOS that you can install on your smartphone or tablet. You ask me which ones? To find out for ‘suffered a look at my guides:  Best Android Games ,  for Android tablet games ,  best games iPhone  and  iPad games .


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