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Briscola is a very popular card game that thanks to the Internet is seeing a growing number of fans who play it. There are, in fact, numerous versions of Briscola online that allow you to play for free from PC, smartphone and tablet, challenging friends or other users from all over the world.

If you want, I can recommend some of the most interesting and show you step by step how they work. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser equipped with the inevitable Adobe Flash Player. Let’s get started right away!

Among the most interesting online Briscola games is Briscola di Treagle which is available on PC through Facebook and on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS (with special apps). It is completely free even if registration for tournaments can only be done through virtual coins, which can be purchased with real money or exchanged with Facebook credits, and as already mentioned it requires the presence of Flash Player in the browser in order to function.

To start having fun right away, connect to the Facebook App Center and click the Play Now button . On the page that opens, choose whether to face a 1v1 or 2v2 challenge by placing the check mark next to the appropriate item located at the top left and choose a free game table by clicking on the green Click to play button . To update the list of tables and find out which ones are currently available, click the Refresh button .

If there are no free tables, you can create a new game by clicking on the Create game tab and you can invite your friends to the game by clicking the Invite your friends button (located at the top left). If you want to play from your smartphone or tablet, search for Treagle’s Briscola on the Google Play Store and App Store . It’s free.

Another online game from Briscola that supports multiplayer and can be played for free is Briscola from which stands out for its “cartoonesque” graphics made in a really excellent way. To try it, connect to the page hosting the game and click the Play button .

At this point, you have to decide whether to play a training match as a guest (against the CPU) by clicking on the appropriate button or whether to register by creating a free account on , by clicking first on Register and then on the same item located at the top of right on the home page of the site. Then fill out the form that is proposed to you and confirm your identity by clicking on the confirmation link you receive via email.

Once the registration is complete, log in to the multiplayer Briscola, choose your character among those available and select the deck of cards to be used among those shown on the right side of the screen. Subsequently, click on the Continue button and choose whether to play for points by challenging the other users of the site (the selection of the opponent is made automatically by the system) or whether to invite a friend to a new game by sending the latter a link to paste in the browser.

If you are not particularly interested in multiplayer challenges but want to play Briscola online to avoid installing programs on your PC, take a look at Champion of Briscola which allows you to have fun in single player playing directly from the browser. As for the titles seen above, the presence of Flash Player on the computer is required to run it.

To start enjoying this game, connect to the page that hosts it on (one of the most famous Flash games sites) and click on the Continue button located at the bottom right. Wait for the playback of a short commercial and click first on Play game and then on Play to start a new game. The graphics are not the best, I know, but to have fun in your free moments it’s just fine.

In conclusion, here are a couple of games dedicated to Briscola for smartphones and tablets that I highly recommend you try.

  • Briscola by WhatWappis one of the best Briscola titles available for Android. It is completely free and allows you to play in both single and multiplayer modes by challenging your Facebook friends. Includes 3 difficulty levels and various decks of cards.
  • Briscola Prois the master in the panorama of Briscola games for iPhone and iPad. It has very accurate graphics and allows you to play in both single player and multiplayer mode by challenging other online users or friends nearby (via Bluetooth). It has 4 different difficulty levels.


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