How does Razer Kishi work?

If you frequent online gaming spaces or use gaming accessories, you’ve probably heard of Razer. It is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to hardware and accessories. The latest addition to the Razer Kishi brand is a smartphone gamepad. Considering how huge games on Android have become, this seemed like the perfect one. It will then be a question here of showing the functioning of this game controller.

Razer Kishi Game Controller Structure

The beauty of the Razer Kishi is in its design. It easily folds into a portable package, then unpacks to fit most smartphone designs. Inside the right controller is a USB-C connector and the Kishi should work with any Android phone with a USB-C port centered on the bottom of the phone.

Once your phone is inserted into the Kishi-phone combo, it looks a lot like a Nintendo Switch, especially when using a phone with a 6-7 inch screen. The controller looks more like an Xbox controller , with the thumbstick higher on the left side than the right. In fact, Razer has created a special Xbox version of the controller with an Xbox home button and a trial subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The Benefits of the Razer Kishin Gaming Controller

Using a USB-C connector on the Kishi has two advantages over most other Android-compatible controllers. First, the direct connection promotes lower input lag than you find with Bluetooth , which in turn adds up to a more responsive gaming experience. The other advantage is that the direct connection means that the Kishi does not need a separate power supply. So there is no battery to monitor and charge. Kishi is always ready to go.

You may find that with all the games you can access, you will need more battery for your phone. The Kishi also features a USB  C charging port, so you can charge your phone while you keep playing.

Compatible games

Any game that supports HID controllers is compatible with Razer Kishi. This is because most games do not distinguish between different controller types or brands. Likewise, the majority of these games do not require any additional configuration. You just need to download them and start playing.

However, there are some exceptions like Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG. The former only supports a few specific controllers and the latter has no controller support whatsoever. Only top games like Fortnite are fully supported. So it comes down to a bit of trial and error.

Using the Razer Kishi Game Controller

Apart from conventional use, this accessory allows you to play Xbox and PlayStation games on an Android phone. That’s a ten times better experience with a Razer Kishi controller. To do this, you’ll need an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, a home Wi-Fi network, and the Android app associated with each platform. Once connected, you can play any game you have installed on your console directly from your Android phone.

This has a number of limitations, the main one being that you need a strong network connection for this to happen. The Razer Kishi shines with its low-lag direct connection to your phone that we talked about earlier. Game streaming has enough lag issues without adding even more from your controller.

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