Apex Legends – CPU does not have SSSE 3

Tens of thousands of gamers almost overnight began to complain on various forums that the video game Apex Legends would not start after the patches. When trying to enter the game, users receive an error: “CPU does not have SSSE 3 (Supplemental SSE 3 Instructions)” or “CPU does not have POPCNT”. This error began to appear after the anti-cheat was launched, although even before the patch, this game was launched without any problems.

Why the error occurs

This means that your processor does not have the necessary instructions, so Apex Legends simply will not start. The meaning of the second error, which also pops up, is practically the same: the processor does not have the POPCNT instruction at its disposal.

Most likely, along with the update, some changes were made, i.e. several other processors have been added to the “obsolete” list. By the way, this parameter is included in the content of SSE 4.2. The takeaway is simple: Apex Legends won’t launch if you don’t have SSE4.2 on your CPUs. By the way, they should also have a POPCNT instruction. What methods can be applied to solve this problem?

Check processor for instructions

There is nothing complicated here. You can find out what processor you have on your computer through the “Task Manager”. A full set of characteristics and instructions can be found through the search engine. However, to get around these movements, download this useful program: 


… Open the section “Central processor” in the program, this is where all the necessary information is indicated, as well as a complete list of instructions.

It is worth noting, do not confuse “SSSE 3” with “SSE 3”. Many members of the forum ask – can SSSE 3 and SSE 4.2 be enabled on their own? Minimum Apex Requirements:

If the hardware is weaker, and also does not contain the corresponding instructions, then you have only one way out – to buy a more powerful processor. If the processor is suitable for all parameters, but the Error “CPU does not have SSSE 3 or POPCNT” still appears – try to resolve this problem in the following ways.

Updating Apex Legends for patch installations

This method has helped many gamers.

  • Open source.
  • Go to the games library.
  • Right click on Apex Legends.
  • Select the update option you want. This will install the latest patch and updates accordingly.
  • After completing the procedure, restart the game.

Apex Legends command line

If the first method didn’t help, try another tip.

  • Right-click on the game in the client and select the “Restore” (or “Update”) tab.
  • In properties, you need to go to the advanced launch option.
  • Next, enter the specified command in the arguments of the opened line.
  • Click “Save” and start the game.

Launching Apex Legends & Origin as admin

Usually the first two options for solving the problem related to the processor are enough. However, it happens that in addition to this, you need to perform the next step.

  • Right-click on your desktop to open the Apex Legends and Origin shortcut.
  • For both, select properties.
  • Then go to the Compatibility section, where check the box next to Run as administrator.
  • Click OK.
  • Restart the game and enjoy the process.

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