How to configure Voicemod?

Do you want to change your voice when playing online games or chatting with friends on social networks? Voicemod is one of the most effective voice modifiers currently available on the market. Before starting to use this software, however, you must know how to configure it well in order to enjoy a great experience. Find out here how to set up Voicemod correctly.

Open Voicemod and go to settings

Configuring Voicemod settings is done almost the same way whether you want to use software or a game. The first step is to open your software and go to settings. Several sections will open and you will see:

  • input device,
  • output device,
  • advanced settings.

These different sections allow you to make your own settings if this has not already been done automatically. If so, you can change and set your preferences. Adjustments are to be made at the level of each section.

Input device

This section is about the device that will be used for the chats. If you do not have a microphone , an automatic choice will be made by your computer. Generally, it is the microphone which is integrated into it which is used for the discussions in this case.

If you have another device that you use to chat that is connected to your computer, you can change the settings and choose it. Otherwise, the settings will remain on your computer’s microphone .

The output device

This setting concerns the receiving device, the one with which you receive the discussions or sounds. If you are not using any accessories, it will be set to ” speaker “. However, it is advisable to use headphones or a suitable earphone to avoid sound feedback. So if you can connect one of these accessories, change the settings and choose it as the output device .

Advanced settings

Several elements are involved in this step. You need to go to sound settings . To do this, click on the “sound” icon at the bottom right of your Windows screen. Then click on sound. Wait for the relevant tab to open and click play.

Then scroll down to enable ” line voicemod ” and leave it in normal mode in case you are using your computer’s microphone. If, on the other hand, you are using an accessory, activate it and leave it in normal mode, then close the window.

In the same sound settings window, go to recordings and enable Voicemod’s microphone. Then put it in default mode Take care to also leave that of your computer active.

If you notice that you can no longer speak, it means that your computer’s microphone has a problem. To fix it, you need to uninstall everything related to the app and everything will be back to normal.

Set up Voicemod with other apps or games

Voicemod setup can be done with games or other apps. The process is as easy as a setup on the computer itself. As for setting Voicemod on games, you need to go to settings. Next, head to the audio section. In the audio device part , choose the Voicemod microphone.

As for the receiving device , leave your headset as an accessory or if you wish, set it to speakerphone mode. Remember, however, that for a good experience, it would be best to leave the setting on the headset or earphone mode .

Whether on an application or any other software on which you want to use Voicemod , you must first proceed with the basic configuration of the application on your computer. If you don’t, you won’t be able to use it well as a means of communication and voice changing .

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