Tata Motors launches its affordable electric car Tiago EV for sale in India

Tiago EV, the electric city car offered by Tata Motors in its home of India, offers a driving range of up to 315 kilometers with two different battery options. Here are the details:

A new one has been added to the compact and relatively accessible models in the electric vehicle world. At this point, you may think of China directly, but this time we will be talking about the small electric vehicle called Tiago EV developed by Tata Motors for the Indian market .

What does Tata Tiago EV offer with its features?

Tiago EV, the 100% electric version of Tata Tiago, is very similar in design to its internal combustion engine sibling. Differently, we see that a glossy black panel is used between the headlights instead of the grille. On the bumper, the center air intake with Y-shaped details and fog lights draw attention.

The front of the Tiago EV and its 14-inch wheels have blue details to emphasize the fact that it is an electric vehicle. Behind the compact model, whose side mirror caps and roof are designed in black, a body-colored spoiler and taillights with curved lines stand out. The design on this side is almost exactly the same as the standard Tiago.

The Tata Tiago EV is 3769 mm long, 1677 mm wide, 1536 mm high and has a 2400 mm wheelbase. It offers 240 liters of luggage volume to its user. The compact model has two different lithium-ion battery options. The power of the electric motor in the vehicle also varies according to the preferred battery pack.

Battery, range and charging

A range of 250 kilometers is targeted with the entry-level 19 kWh battery pack. In the optional 24 kWh battery , this value goes up to 315 kilometers. Of course, it should be noted that these values ​​are based on the MIDC (Modified Indian Driving Cycle), which is valid in the country and is not very consistent. The actual range offered would be much less than that.

Combined with the small battery in the Tiago EV, the engine delivers 60 hp and 110 Nm of torque. In the second option, these values ​​increase to 74 hp and 114 Nm . With these engines, the compact model completes 0-60 km/h acceleration in 6.2 seconds and 5.7 seconds, respectively. 

The standard charging power is 3.3 kW in both versions, but an optional 7.2 kW internal charger is also available. Normally, the large battery can reach from 10 percent to 100 percent in 6.4 hours with 3.3 kW, while a 50 kW fast charge is promised from 10 percent to 80 percent in 57 minutes.


The price of Tata Tiago EV starts from 849,000 rupees (192,600 TL) and goes up to 1,179,000 rupees (267,500 TL). At the top XZ+ Tech Lux equipment level, there are equipment such as automatic air conditioning, rain sensor, automatic headlights, cruise control, rear parking sensor and camera. In addition, the vehicle has a regenerative braking system that can be adjusted at four different levels.

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