Honda will launch 30 different electric models in 8 years

Honda held a press conference in Japan, where he conveyed the developments regarding the electrification process. The Japanese manufacturer has allocated a budget of $ 40 billion to speed up the electrification process.

Honda Motor Co Ltd. shared its new initiatives for the electrification process in automobile production at a press conference held in Tokyo, Japan today. The Japanese automotive giant will make many breakthroughs, from new electric vehicle (EV) models to battery technologies.

30 new electric vehicles by 2030

Honda will launch new EV models tailored to the market characteristics of each region. North American Honda will unveil two midsize and one large EV models in 2024, which it is developing in partnership with GM. While China introduces a total of 10 new EV models by 2027; Japan will first launch a commercial-use mini EV model in the 1 million yen price range in early 2024.

It will then unveil its personal-use mini-EVs and EV SUVs. Assuming that 2025 and beyond will be the time for EVs to become popular, Honda will begin promoting the best EVs from a global perspective. The Japanese manufacturer will begin adopting Honda e:Architecture, an EV platform that combines the hardware platform and software platform, in 2026. Through an alliance with GM, it will launch affordable EVs starting in North America by 2027 with a cost and range that will be as competitive as gasoline-powered vehicles .

More than 2 million production per year

Through these initiatives, Honda plans to launch 30 EV models worldwide by 2030, with a full range of products from commercial mini electric vehicles to flagship-class models, and produce more than 2 million units per year . Honda plans to set up an EV facility in Guangzhou, alongside Wuhan, China, dedicated to its EV manufacturing operations. A dedicated EV production line is also being considered in North America.

Honda’s 2 new sports models will increase driving pleasure

In addition to its carbon neutral and electrification efforts, Honda will also offer models that will provide its customers with a pleasant driving experience. One of the vehicles you can see covered above (on the right) is thought to be the successor of the Honda NSX. As it is known, the retirement of the current model is approaching and it was stated that it could turn into a fully electric model in the future. There is no information yet for the vehicle on the left, but it is likely to be an electric grand tourer.

Honda to invest around $343 million in ‘Battery Supply Strategy’

Honda has announced two key approaches to its battery supply strategy, noting that the most important challenge in the electric vehicle era is the global supply of batteries. First, by strengthening the external partnership, a stable supply of lithium-ion batteries will be ensured in each region. The North American unit will source the Ultium batteries from GM. Apart from GM, Honda is exploring the possibility of establishing a joint venture company for battery manufacturing.

China will strengthen Honda’s cooperation with CATL, while Japan will supply batteries for mini electric vehicles from Envision AESC. Second, independent research and development of next-generation batteries will be further accelerated. Honda will invest approximately $343 million to build a production line of all -solid-state batteries currently in development, with the aim of getting them operational by spring 2024 . Honda aims to introduce its new models equipped with new generation batteries to the market as of 2025.

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