Fiat may return ‘Topolino’ name with Citroen Ami-like model

According to reports, Fiat will launch a small electric vehicle based on the Citroen Ami by 2023. It is stated that the vehicle in question may carry the name ‘Topolino’.

Under the Stellantis roof, we first saw the Citroen Ami in 2020, and then the Rocks-e, its version with the Opel logo, in 2021. According to the news, Fiat will also join this duo.

It is stated that Fiat has already shown the Citroen Ami-style model to some dealers in Italy. The model, which is stated to be released in 2023, is expected to return the name ‘ Topolino ‘. The Fiat 500, which was produced between 1936 and 1955, was likened to a ‘mickey mouse’ because it was a tiny two-seater city vehicle and was called Topolino, which is its equivalent in Italian.

There is no difference in the design of Ami and Rocks-e except for minor details. However, the dealers who made the presentation claimed that Fiat’s four-wheeled motor bike model would make a difference with its openable fabric roof feature. It is obvious that the model with the Fiat logo will be based on the Citroen Ami, but it is not clear what kind of path it will follow in terms of design. According to sources, a more stylish model will be waiting for us from Ami.

Technically, we can expect the Fiat Topolino to have the electric powertrain in the Ami. At this point, it will have an 8 hp electric motor, a 5.5 kWh battery pack and a driving range of up to 75 km. It should not be forgotten that, like its French cousin, it will have a top speed of 45 km / h, as it will be in the class of four-wheeled motor bikes.

The Citroen Ami is sold in France with prices starting from 7,390 euros. The model, which was introduced in our country months ago, will be available for purchase this summer for individual users. No official statement has yet been made for the model’s price in Turkey.


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