Details of the Peugeot e-308 have emerged!

The world-famous automobile company Peugeot has announced the technical specifications of its new electric car, Peugeot e-308.

Peugeot is among the world’s largest automobile manufacturers. The company has increased its popularity and achieved good sales figures with the cars with the new generation design and technologies that it has recently launched.

Last year, the company introduced the new Peugeot 308 . The design and technological features of the vehicle were very popular. Now, a new step has come from the company. The company will soon launch the electric version of the popular model.

Technical characteristics of the Peugeot e-308

Electric motors welcome us with the new Peugeot e-308. The Peugeot e-308 will come with a 54 kWh battery, 4 kWh larger than its sibling, the Peugeot e-208. However, thanks to the improved battery technology, the vehicle’s battery will give better results. Thanks to the new system, the vehicle is expected to offer an average range of 400 km.

The vehicle will offer 154 horsepower and 269 ​​Nm of torque . The Peugeot e-308 will have front-wheel drive. This all-electric system is expected to appear in both hatchback and station wagon models. The batteries to be used in the vehicle will be placed under the vehicle and the remaining parts will be collected on the front hood. There will be no luggage in the front of the vehicle.

The trunk of the vehicle of the vehicle is expected to be the same size as the Peugeot 308 Plug-in hybrid (rechargeable hybrid) . Apart from these, there will be no major differences in both the interior and exterior design of the vehicle. It is thought that there will be plenty of blue colored parts to represent electricity in electric models, most likely. The vehicle will also have a fast charging feature.

Production of the vehicle is expected to start in July 2023 . Most likely, the vehicle will be on sale in the European market in the 4th quarter of 2023 . In addition, Agnès Tesson-Faget, the company’s brand and project manager, says that with the launch of the vehicle, more than 20% of Peugeot 308 sales will be electric models. So, what are your thoughts? Would you buy the Peugeot e-308 if it came to our country? Do not forget to leave your comments and opinions below.

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