Avatar’s mobile game is on the way!

In addition to the two Avatar games it has developed, Ubisoft also announced the Avatar: Reckoning game, which will come to mobile platforms.

Ubisoft was developing two Avatar games. One of them would be Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora , and the other would be the mobile game Avatar: Pandora Rising . Now, the company has announced the video game Avatar: Reckoning , based on James Cameron ‘s film series .

The game is being developed by Achosaur Games . In addition, there is a collaboration with Tencent , Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment , and Disney . While the production comes for mobile devices, it confronts players in the multiplayer online role-playing genre.

Avatar: Reckoning is coming to iOS and Android

Avatar: Reckoning is coming to iOS and Android platforms in 2022 . The production plunges players into parts of Pandora that have not been seen in the movies. Players meet with the Na’vi clans fighting to protect their homes and resources from the RDA forces trying to take them . There is the possibility to play the game as single and multiplayer.

By creating an Avatar character, players take part in solo story missions, co-op and PvP modes to build their character over time. Reckoning was developed with the Unreal Engine 4 game engine. Looking at the graphics side, we think it will promise good things. However, no gameplay videos have been released so far.

Avatar 2 , the first of many planned sequels in the Avatar film series, is expected to be released this December. Avatar , which came in 2009 , grossed $2.847 billion at the global box office, making it the most successful movie in history.

What do you guys think about Avatar ? What are your expectations from the game? Do not forget to express your ideas in the comments section!

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