Free PC game: have fun without spending a penny!

Buying PC video games in the long run can be expensive. If you are a seasoned Gamer and want to enjoy PC games without paying a penny, free games also called “free to play” are there to serve you.

Indeed, there are a large number of games to download on your PC that will cost you absolutely nothing.

If you want to have a good time playing video games online, or alone, without heating up your credit card, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll give you a roundup of the best free PC games available right now.

Our favorite selection of free PC games

Downloading free games on PC allows you to have fun and occupy yourself for several hours, without having to touch your wallet.

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to free PC games, currently there are all categories and for all tastes.

If you’re having trouble deciding when faced with this great choice, we have carefully selected a small favorite selection of free video games, from different categories, which are worth the detour!

  • Counter-Strike is the benchmark free-to-play war game for PC, which you can play alone or with friends;
  • Fishing planet is an excellent simulation game, ultra realistic, which will appeal to fishing enthusiasts;
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG game faithful to the franchise of the same name, which will delight fans of this legendary saga;
  • TrackMania Nations Forever is a famous racing game that defies gravity, in original and wacky courses;
  • Minecraft is a famous construction game that will allow you to stack blocks to build your own world.

Although these types of games are free , you also have the option of spending a few dollars if you wish, to get some in-game extras, weapons or boosts, and also provide developer support.

Top 3 of the best free online games of the moment

Online games are the best way to meet people, become more sociable, or open up to the world without moving from your couch. What if you could enjoy it for free?

If you are also fond of online PC games, this top 3 of the best free programs will seduce you for sure!

League of Legends

League of Legend is the most complete and also the most played free game in the world.

  • You will need to customize your character with equipment to evolve them;
  • the objective is to fight with your hero online in a team of 5 players against your enemies, in a fantastic universe.


We present it more! Fortnite is the most talked about online survival game in the world since its release.

  • You can customize your character so that it looks like you;
  • in the “Battle royal” mode you can face many players online, in different settings, all without spending a penny.


Roblox is an original video game for children and young people that allows you to have fun in a group, without taking the lead, in a strange and wacky universe with unpredictable rules.

  • Roblox offers an impressive library of video games, ultra addictive, which it is impossible to get tired of;
  • you can even program your own video games according to your rules.

Which free PC horror games to choose?

Thrill lover or you want to scare yourself without spending a penny, the only solution for you is a free pc horror game.

In this part of the article, we offer you the best “free to play” horror games, thrills guaranteed.

cry of fear

Cry of Fear is a totally free horror and survival game that will allow you to evolve in terrifying settings and face creatures just as monstrous as each other.

Slender: The Eight Pages

Free adventure and horror game, based on the famous fictional character Slenderman. In dark and terrifying settings, you will have to try to save the heroine from the Slender by finding the 8 pages of the game.

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