How to join the GTA Social Club

Do you consider yourself a big fan of the GTA saga and a fan of Rockstar Games games like “Red Dead Redemption” and “Bully”? You’re also likely a fan of Grand Theft Auto’s multiplayer mode and would like to be able to share your passion, gaming successes and discoveries with a dedicated club. I guessed it, right? Then know that all this is possible, and today I’m here to explain how.

In today’s tutorial, in fact, I will talk to you about how to join the GTA Social Club : the club specially designed by Rockstar Games as a point of reference and meeting place for all fans of its games. Joining this exclusive club will allow you to have a front row seat in the world of your favorite adventures and much more.

If, therefore, you are determined to subscribe to the GTA Social Club and get to know this exclusive service dedicated to fans of the famous Rockstar Games saga (and not only), read on: below you will find the description of its main features and the guide on how to sign up. All you need is some free time. Happy reading and, above all, have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to join the GTA 5 Social Club
    • Create a GTA Social Club account
    • Log into the GTA Social Club with your PS4 account
  • How the GTA social club works
  • In case of doubts or problems

Preliminary information

You may not know it yet, but the GTA Social Club is actually a real social network dedicated not only to the very famous Grand Theft Auto but to all the Rockstar Games games and especially those that offer an online multiplayer experience.

Also, you should know that by joining the club, you will not only be able to share your progress, photos and videos with friends and other players, but you will also be able to follow updates from the community, the developer and the Crews. How do you say? Are you new to the GTA game and still need to deepen your knowledge of online gaming? in that case, I have what you need: a guide dedicated just to how to play GTA online .

Before getting into the registration process, however, there are a few things to know. The first concerns the need to have a valid email address , to be used to join the club and receive notifications. If you don’t already have an email address, I suggest you create one following the procedure I told you about in this tutorial .

Alternatively, you can log into Social Club through a PlayStation Network account , which you probably already have, if you are a player of the PlayStation 4 version of GTA (or another Rockstar Games game). Creating a PSN account for online gaming on Sony platforms is very important for sharing game progress on Social Club: if you don’t have this account yet, don’t waste any more time and run to create it by following my guide .

If, on the other hand, you play GTA on Xbox , you can link your Xbox Live account with your Social Club account. What if you have both accounts? No problem: I’ll also tell you how to link your accounts directly with Rockstar Social Club later!

How to join the GTA 5 Social Club

Now that you have paused your raid on GTA 5 and you want to know what the registration procedure is for the club dedicated to this fantastic game (and not only), all you have to do is follow the steps related to creating the account, which I’m about to illustrate you. Read on to find out how to create an account from scratch or how to connect your PSN or Xbox Live account to the GTA 5 social club.

Create a GTA Social Club account

Joining the GTA Social Club does not require any special tools – you simply need to launch your favorite web browser and connect to the official Social Club website . You will then notice a yellow button in the center of the screen that reads Register : click on it and proceed according to the instructions on the screen, entering your date of birth and selecting the yellow Next button .

To continue the registration, check the box relating to the acceptance of the EULA , then click on the yellow Next button , to open the Create a new account tab , in which you must complete the fields email, password, nickname (the name that other subscribers will be able to see when they visit your account and see your updates) and the country . Before clicking Next to confirm, I inform you that you can check Subscribe to the newsletter , to receive periodic updates from Rockstar directly to your inbox.

Once this is done, you are already in the heart of the Social Club! Yes, because, as you may have noticed, already in this step you can start setting your sharing preferences. Let’s see how.

Set what information is visible to other players enrolled in the Club under Profile page and information , by setting Profile Visibility to Everyone, Friends, Friends and Crew or Just me (this option means not sharing information). In addition, you can check Show my friends and Show your country to share your friends list and country of origin with others.

The next step concerns the settings of the Feeds , ie choosing which updates will be visible on your “wall”. The Wall is a board that constantly updates with automatic posts, game activities, such as rewards, uploaded photos and videos, as well as game content rating. The settings on the visibility of the wall are, again, Everyone, Friends, Friends and Crew or Just me .

The next settings concern whether or not to publish the game’s story mode stats, choosing who can see them from the Game Stats Visibility menu .

Finally, you can complete your registration by clicking on the Continue button , which you find at the end of the page. You did a great job! You are now an official member of the Social Club and will be able to immediately share everything that happens during your GTA matches and beyond. Read on for an overview of the club’s key features and how to link your PS4 account to the service.

Log into the Social Club with your PS4 account

If you play GTA from your PlayStation 4 and have a PSN account to access the online services of the Sony platform, I will explain how you can link this membership to that of the Social Club: this is an opportunity to update your Feed page in a way that automatic when playing Rockstar Games on PS4. Are you ready? Well, then let’s proceed right away.

I invite you to go, even in this case, to the official page of the Rockstar Social Club . Once this is done, click on the blue PlayStation logo located just below the yellow Register button , in the center of your browser window: by doing so, you will be redirected to the login page of your PlayStation Entertainment Network account, where you can enter your email address and the password you normally use on PS4. I suggest you check the white box Remember ID , to keep your data stored and avoid entering them every time you disconnect from the Internet.

Now you just have to click on the Next button and enter, on the next screen, the email address and password you use to access your Social Club account. To complete the procedure for connecting the two accounts, click on the Login button .

See how simple it was? How do you say? Are you having trouble logging into your PSN account? I know, it can be frustrating but not impossible to fix. If that’s the case, I invite you to follow my guide on how to log in or create a PSN account .

I also remind you that the same connection procedure is available for Xbox Live accounts , do not miss this opportunity and find out later what are the main advantages of having a Social Club account.

How the GTA Social Club works

Now that you’re officially a new member of the GTA Social Club, you can’t wait to find out what its main features are, right?

So, once you’ve logged into your new Social Club account, take a look at the Feeds page – a section where you’ll see the latest updates from Rockstar Games, the community and your friends at a glance. You also have the option to filter updates and choose which platforms, games, creators and post types you are interested in seeing. That’s not all: from this page, you can also create posts by clicking on the white text box just below the word Feed .

Another important function of the Social Club is that related to Crews . What are the Crews? I explained this to you in great detail in my tutorial on how to play GTA online . Put simply, you can consider Crews as groups of players allied to each other. From your Club page you can search for these groups, read information about them and create Crew logos .

Other useful functions are those of the Activity boxes , to find out in real time what happens in the online of GTA and other games, of the Photos and Videos , where you can view the multimedia contents created and shared directly by users.

The Social Club also offers you the possibility to consult your personal list of Friends , read the Messages and start the download (or activate gift codes) of games and contents through the Download function of the game . To access these options, just click on the gray Rockstar logo in the top right corner of the page, right next to the black button with the notification bell . In the drop-down menu that opens when you click, you can also find the Settings item , essential for customizing your preferences related to the account.

From the Settings , you can get an overview of your Profile , change the settings on the processing of personal data and, among other things, access the Avatar tab , to choose your personal image among those selected by Rockstar.

The last function I talk about of the Social Club is one of the most important and concerns the invitation of your friends to this social network dedicated to gaming. To take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, while you are in the Settings menu , click on the Import friends button and choose whether to connect the Social Club friends list with those of your Facebook, Google, PSN and Xbox Live contacts . Furthermore, you can invite friends not present in these channels by preferring the manual invitation : then click on the box with the message email , enter the address of the person to invite and add a personal message below , before clicking on the yellow Send button and send the communication.

In case of doubts or problems

If there is any problem that you have encountered and to which you have not found an answer, do not hesitate to consult the Italian Rockstar Games support site . This service allows you to read automatic answers on the most common problems, or to open a support ticket and have dedicated support directly from the developer.

To take advantage of the first possibility, just click on the search bar and type “Rockstar Social Club” , then click on the magnifying glass. If, on the other hand, you want a personalized response with Rockstar support, contact the software house by clicking on the ☰ button located in the upper left corner and choosing the item Send a ticket from the menu that opens.

Now you can click on the box Not in the list , log in to your account and write your problem in the dedicated space. When you are ready to send your request, click on the black button with an envelope drawn on it and wait for a response, within 24 hours, from the developer’s customer service.


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