What is the Mario party game on Switch worth?

Super Mario party switch was revealed on day two of Gamescom by Nintendo of Europe. A small part of the Gameplay has been unveiled and the fans have been able to discover a little about what this new game which seems so interesting looks like.
This game resumes the experience between friends in a new Online mode. It is made up of several small consecutive activities which ultimately determine a winner. The latter will then climb up the scale of the player rankings.

However, it should be noted that this game is much less popular than Mario Kart but it is no less effective. Let’s take a closer look at this game.

General presentation of the game

It’s a game that has become a great classic for Nintendo’s Switch consoles . Each version has its own Mario, ranging from the Gamecube to the 3DS. We all remember, with great nostalgia, the crazy games of Mario Party around the beginning of the 2000s. From there, several interesting series were born, until versions 9 and 10 made us completely forget Mario, since we were really disappointed.

This is also the reason why the Mario party switch game wants to go back to basics. Here, we find the die roll to move forward and collect the most stars. Following this launch, a mini game appears and allows us to win additional coins which allow us to win a lot of bonuses afterwards.

The Nintendo switch Mario party is a multi-player type game that allows 4 players to play on different boards and each terrain has its own architecture. However, the course of the game remains practically the same on all boards.
Here, luck and deceit are very important aspects of this version. The final classification can be completely modified at the end of the day, by redistributing the points.

You can use the 60 mini games that appear at each end of the game to boost your ranking and earn more points.

Mini-games, for maximum fun

All Mario Party fans have agreed that the mini games remain an undeniable feature of this game. They are simple, fun and innovative , allowing you to exploit, in a very meticulous way, all the peculiarities of the Switch.
Almost all of the trials involve motion recognition and Joy-Con vibrations. Note that each Joy-Con can be used by one player, which means that to play 4, you just need to have two pairs. You can also activate a “dual screen” mode to boost your multiplayer experience.

The main attraction of Mario Party is of course the board game which, moreover, can be a little too long if you decide to play with quick sessions. It will take about an hour for a complete game.
But that does not interest you, you can always play in mini-games or rhythm games mode where you will chain the movements by following the beat as best as you can.

The advantages of Nintendo switch Mario party

The highlights of this Mario Party game are:

  • Super interesting mini games overall;
  • A basic formula, but which remains very effective;
  • Mini games that take full advantage of the Switch;

Disadvantages of the Nintendo switch Mario party

The limits of this game are:

  • It is not possible to play in Multiplayer mode using a cartridge;
  • Games that involve motion recognition are rather approximate;
  • The main mode of this game does not have an online mode ;
  • Players believe that there are very few boards offered in this Mario party 8 switch ;

Note that the Super Mario party switch price ranges from €42.40 to €50.


As we have just seen, the Mario Party has not really revolutionized its series, it has, on the contrary, taken up the basic principles and the players are quite satisfied. This version is distinguished by its irreproachable mini games which allow you to fully exploit the Switch with all its functions. It ‘s a great game to set the mood with friends.

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