What is the Animal Crossing Switch game worth?

In Japan, the sale of the new Nintendo Switch broke all records, even that of the Wii. This success is explained by the interest of gamers in the new Animal Crossig, a life simulation, offered by Nintendo. We can say that it is the most awaited game of the year. A game that allowed Nintendo to sell more than 1.8 million copies in less than 75 hours!

It is an unprecedented record that pushes us to test this new game.

So, does it deserve all this interest? Discover, in our article, everything you need to know about the Animal Crossing game for Nintendo Switch.

Animal Crossing

The Nintendo Switch game Animal Crossing is, as mentioned above, a very popular life simulation game . It was also the most anticipated game of the year.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a new game that has just landed on the Nintendo Switch. Indeed, after more than 7 years of the release of the very famous New Leaf, this game comes to dethrone it.

On the menu, a certain Tom Nook, the local boss , welcomes you to a desert island that you must rebuild from scratch. It is an Evasion formula in which you will get to know several animals. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call Tom on your phone. To finance your work, you must collect the bells.

The game also offers objective cards that allow you to collect Nook Miles, the island’s currency. Several missions will be required of you:

  • The harvest of the fruits;
  • The Peach ;
  • Interactions with locals…


In this new Animal Crossing, the progression is divided into 3 phases. First, you have the first phase which goes from the starting square until the arrival of Tom Nook who will renovate the building of the offices of the residents. Followed by a second phase which consists of improving everything on the island and finally, the last phase which consists of obtaining a terraforming tool.

island exploration

During this adventure, you will be able to capture insects, dig up lots of fossils and catch several species of fish. Thereafter, you can exhibit all your collection in a museum, which is also the very first building to be unlocked in the game.

In fact, we can largely say that in this game exploration is at the heart of all the gameplay: decoration, gardening, discussions and interactions with animals, fishing… But what makes this game super addictive is the fact that the time and date correspond exactly to real life. So even when you are away, Tom Nook normally continues his life on the island.

Sunday is DIY!

As Animal Crossing: New Horizons is above all a game of life, therefore, several activities are possible, among them, DIY. If you are a little Sunday handyman , you will be served. All the objects you collect during your adventure, will help you to make more important tools like a butterfly net, fishing rods, shovels…. On the other hand, you have to be careful and know when and how to use these objects, since they remain very fragile and break quickly after a few uses.

Crafting activities in this game are divided into several parts. First, you must participate in the various activities on the island to find DIY plans . Then you have to think about collecting all the objects and materials that seem necessary for DIY such as weeds, branches, stones … Finally, you can make interesting and useful tools, by visiting Tom Nook’s workbench .

A multiplayer game?

So, the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game classified in the category of family games. It can be played on a simple Nintendo Switch or a Nintendo Switch Lite in multiplayer.

The game accepts about 4 players, either in online mode or in local co-op mode.

That’s it, now you know everything about Tom Nook’s life and his very interesting desert island, you can visit him and chat with the very welcoming animals of the island to live an unforgettable experience. Moreover, it is enough to test it to understand its enormous success.

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