Standoff 2 Ranks

Standoff 2 has adopted many different mechanics from other shooters, including the ranking system. It has already become an integral part of the gameplay, by which you can quickly determine the approximate level of the player’s skills. The development process itself is a lot of fun, because it’s nice to realize that you have become a little stronger by the standards of the game and can already stand on a level with stronger opponents. It is only important to understand the hierarchy of Standoff 2 titles, then everything will quickly fall into place.

What are levels and medals in Standoff 2?

Update 0.11 introduced ranked games, and along with them, titles, but this is not the same as levels and medals. It is necessary to clearly put everything in its place so as not to confuse different concepts. The level of the player reflects the progress in the game, and it directly depends on the time spent in the game. Also, the level is affected by the points earned during the rounds. The maximum level in the current update is level 50, for each next one they simply give 300 coins. If you manage to get lvl 50, you will receive the Veteran medal.

The title reflects the status of the player, it indicates the results of the player. The more matches won, the higher the rank. True, there are other metrics that affect the issuance of the rank. The first title is issued after you play 10 ranked matches and reach level 5. Rank – the honorary status of the player, which is reset if the player has not been active during the last month. But keeping the title is not so easy, because opponents with a high rating are difficult opponents.

Ranking of ranks in order of increasing rank

There are 18 ranks in Standoff 2. The developers do not say in detail what exactly affects the issuance of ranks. At the same time, it is obvious that the higher the winrate, the faster the character will rise in ranks. If a less venerable player beats one with a relatively high rank, there is a much better chance of getting promoted. The stability of the player, the number of deaths and murders are also taken into account. Another observation is that the longer you stay at one rank, the more difficult it is to change it.

List of Standoff 2 Ranks:

  • Bronze l – one bronze bar;
  • Bronze ll – two orange stripes;
  • Bronze lll – 3 orange stripes;
  • Bronze lV – 4 orange tabs;
  • Silver l – 1 silver bar, MMR from 591 to 710;
  • Silver ll – two silver tabs, 711-825;
  • Silver lll – 3 silver tabs, 826-940;
  • Silver lV – 4 tabs, from 941 to 1050;
  • Gold l – gold star, 1051-1155;
  • Gold ll – 2 gold stars, from 1156 to 1250;
  • Gold lll – 3 gold stars, 1251-1350;
  • Gold lV – 4 stars of gold color, 1351-1440;
  • Phoenix – an eagle on which a star is drawn, 1441-1525;
  • Ranger – 2 pistols and 2 stars above them, from 1526 to 1600;
  • Champion – gold cup and 3 stars, 1601-1675;
  • Master – platinum goblet with a wreath and 1 star, 1676-1795;
  • Elite – a symbol of the planet in a wreath and 2 stars from 1796 to 2120;
  • Legend – diamond (or blue) symbol of the planet and 3 stars, over 2120.

This is the entire list of titles in Standoff 2 that you can get in the game. Of course, everything above silver is mined with great difficulty. From that, the value of the title becomes higher.

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