Why is the Clevo pa71 better than other laptops?

Do you need a premium and high-spec laptop? Then Clevo PA71 is the perfect and ideal laptop for you and your work. It has a memory of 16 GB that can easily handle multiple applications. It also has a fair storage space which has a total of 512 GB. And Clevo has an exceptional and top-notch pixel density of 254.7 pixels per inch. So the results came in high-resolution picture quality, and the text has the sharper end. Clevo delivers a terrific and excellent gaming proficiency at 79.56 avg frame per sec. But in terms of pricing, pA71 is very pricey and upmarket. 

Why is the Clevo pa71 better than other laptops

It has a powerful intel core i7-7700Hq processor and is an extravagant machine. And if you’re a Professional gamer or an intensive worker, this laptop is a must-buy. But, Clevo users are not satisfied with its battery timings because it has a short battery life. It has a battery timing of about 4 or 5 hours maximum for everyday use. A friendly reminder, please connect it to a charger while playing heavy games or editing work. So you will be satisfied if your laptop shuts off because of a low battery. 


What is Clevo pA71? And Why Is It Better Than Other Laptops? 


Clevo pa71 is a premium and high-powered laptop. And a Taiwanese company, “Clevo,” manufactures it. So, Clevo pa71 is a part of the P-series line on Clevo’s laptop. And it is designed for high-resolution works like intense work, video editing, and gaming. It is a gaming laptop that suits those who play many PC games. And also those who are into multimedia and digital media. It has a graphic card of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GDDR5. In terms of price, Clevo pa71 price is very high.

What is Clevo pA71? And Why Is It Better Than Other Laptops?

People always ask, Is the Clevo pa71 better than other laptops? Yes, it is better than other laptops because it has a great processor, RAM, storage, and hard drive. For gaming purposes, it is the far best laptop. You can play high-end games in it without any limitation and terror of load. And If you’re an intense worker, this laptop is a must-buy. 

Benefits Of Clevo PA71

So, Clevo PA71 has numerous benefits depending on what you need. Some of its benefits are,

Features Of Clevo PA 71

Large Display:

Clevo’s large display makes work more accessible and more convenient. So people who do jobs like graphic and website designing, Clevo is best for them. And work like video editing and office work where people need high-resolution machines, pa71 is a must-buy. 


Performance Oriented:

The Celvo pa71 has a dominant and powerful hard drive. And it also includes a top-tier Intel core i7 or i9 processor. Because of Clevo’s top-notch processor and hard drive, tasks like editing, gaming, and performance are becoming more accessible. 




Clevo pa71 adapts to changes so fast. And it is designed to adapt to everything the user wants. It also allows users to replace or add elements, like refining storage and Ram. Clevo pa71 ram is 16 GB


It’s essential to learn and memorize that the above advantages may vary depending on the specific setup and model of the Clevo’s pa71 you are buying. 


Features Of Clevo PA 71

The features of a Clevo PA71 laptop Depend upon the configuration and specific model. Critical elements of Clevo PA 71 are:


Large 17.3-inch Full HD or 4K Display



Intel Core i7 and i9, up to 11th Gen



Dedicated NVIDIA graphics card

Benefits Of Clevo PA71


Multiple storage options, including NVMe SSDs and SATA HDDs



Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB 3.2, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, SD card reader



Backlit keyboard with dedicated numeric keypad



Built-in stereo speakers and microphone


Operating System

Windows 10 Home or Pro



Large-capacity battery for extended use on the go



Approximately 6-7 pounds



16.5 x 11.5 x 1.5 inches (W x D x H)


Comparison  Between Clevo PA71 And Other Laptops

There are many elements to consider while comparing the Clevo pa71 and other laptops. And some main things to compare before buying a computer are: 


  • Firstly, determine the prices of both clevo pa17 and other laptops. And then buy according to your budget. 
  • The second thing is to check the brand’s customer support, reputation, and further software and elements. It will help you decide what kind of laptop suits you.
  • The third thing is to read reviews and ratings before buying any laptop because these will help you decide. Lastly, compare both storage, RAM, graphic card, and processor. So you will know which one is better for you and going to fulfill your needs.


These are some main points to look into before buying a laptop. This checklist will help you decide what you want. 


Where Can You Purchase Clevo PA71?

You can buy Clevo pa71 from different retailers and online platforms. Like 


  • Amazon
  • HIDevolution
  • Gentech PC
  • Newegg
  • Pro-Star
  • B&H Photo Video

It’s important to compare prices and features the laptop is offering before purchasing. And also, consider customer service and the reputation of the reseller you’re buying.


Final verdict

Our final words are that the Clevo PA71 is a good choice. It Depends on your particular needs and preferences regarding what to buy. It’s necessary to consider the elements mentioned above carefully before buying. So as you see the benefits and features of clevo pa71, it will help you decide. Also, we learn where to purchase it. The comparison to check before buying is also necessary. However, it may not be a first choice for everyone because of its high price. 




What are the prices of Clevo pa71?

The price of Clevo pa71 is $1,451.69


Where are Clevo laptops made?

Clevo laptops are made in Taiwan.


What brands use Clevo?

Sager, Schenker, BTO, System76, and XNB. 

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