How to create a secure password for Facebook

The use of the Internet password is something too common if we go to the case. We use the password to log into our Gmail account when we set up Android, when we enter a web forum, even on any social network, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Passwords are now the only method we must have an account where absolutely no one to enter and, therefore, in the case of the social network Facebook, check our profile with our personal data, photos, etc.

Secure password for social networks

Keep in mind that on many occasions these passwords can be cracked and this is how many people end up thinking or saying things like ” they hacked my Facebook account “, not to mention those who write jakeado, although that is already Another topic

The truth is that many people don’t care about the password , maybe because of ignorance or because maybe they think no one will want to mess with their account at any time, but that we know it’s not safe, we can always have someone who knows. that it does and, above all, is persevering, it may end up finding out which password we use.

Create a secure password

Many people decide to use simple words like “café1234” or simply “12345678” as their password , which is undoubtedly a big mistake as this type of password is easy to discover. Also, in many cases people who know us end up logging into our account. How? A fairly common thing is that people not only use simple passwords, but also very predictable ones.

For example: birthday, your, your child, your mother , etc. But even the mobile phone or the identity document, these kinds of things are very easy to discover.

How do we create a strong password ? I always recommend a few things to be able to make a password extremely secure. The first is that you choose a word at random. For example: Desk, the second thing that is something about you, perhaps a date of birth of a grandson, which is not specifically yours.

So can we create a password like this ” Desktop290594 ” More complicated? We can create something like ” Calori @ sJorge456138 “.

Basically, what you need to keep in mind is that it is a combination of lowercase words, uppercase letters, numbers and, if possible, any symbol that makes it complicated and impossible to guess, nor that dictionaries or the like can be used.

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