How2Invest in SpaceX? Discover Direct And Indirect Ways Of Buying SpaceX Stocks

Do you ever get curious about how2invest or how I can buy SpaceX stock? So yes, you can, but the process is complex and indirect. This article will tell you how to invest and purchase spaceX stock. So, SpaceX is Elon Musk’s space traveling company. And it is worth more than $100 billion. And it ships and transfers NASA astronauts to the international space station.  

how2invest in spacex discover direct and indirect ways of buying spacex stocks

But investing in SpaceX is more complex than investing in other public trading companies. It isn’t elementary. But it would help if you stayed with us till the end. We will tell you everything you want about SpaceX and how to invest in SpaceX. And we will also tell you about the people behind this whole project. Also, we will discover how they made this company successful. So let’s begin. 


What is Spacex?

SpaceX is the first company to achieve a $100 billion estimation. It is a private American company. SpaceX is an aerospace creator and producer. It was established and came into being in 2002. Elon Musk is the founder of SpaceX. It’s the first company that takes people to space and Mars

what is spacex

So, the fundamental and prior goal of SpaceX is to lessen and decrease space ride expenses. And their other aim is they want to make Mars a living planet for us humans. SpaceX’s prior spaces accomplished countless and multiple landmarks. So they developed Falcon 1, Falcon 9, and Falcon heavy rockets. They also formulated a Dragon Spacecraft. And they are using Dragon spacecraft for cargo restocking operations to the ISS ( international space station).


Why Is SpaceX Gaining Recognition? 

So, Space Exploration Technologies Corp, commonly known as SpaceX, is gaining recognition. And it has become considerably prominent in aerospace endeavors. So their vision is to make SpaceX a better space travel company. 

why is spacex gaining recognition

As we all know that because of technology, the future will be very different from now as things are changing. And as Nasa is sending its air crafts to space so that we can learn about space. But space travel is not that easy and accessible. Getting there takes a lot of will, budget, and energy. But NASA wants to make this space travel more accessible and convenient. 

People Behind This Project

The great and well-known Elon Musk is the face behind this project. And he is leading this company to success and victory. His project aims to make human presence possible in space, especially on Mars. And he is running this project with a team of capable scientists, skilled

engineers, and industry professionals. All of them work unwaveringly to make this project this successful. 


Is It Possible To Buy SpaceX Stock Directly?

So, now come to our main question, which was how2invest in SpaceX. We know that SpaceX is a private company. So buying its shares directly from them is impossible because they are not listed in the stock market. But there are some indirect ways to invest in SpaceX stocks. And indirect methods mean investing in public companies with SpaceX shares.

Multiple public companies have stocks of SpaceX. Such as 

is it possible to buy spacex stock directly

  • Alphabet (Google)
  • Fidelity 
  • And Bank of America


You have to become an investor in these public corporations. And that’s how you can invest in SpaceX. If you want to know how2invest in the stock of SpaceX, you can invest in Alphabet. It would be an excellent choice for investing. And since 2015, Alphabet and Fidelity have owned a combined total of 10% shares of SpaceX. 


Pre-IPO Method 


So, another indirect method is the Pre-IPO method. And it means an initial public offering. It is a kind of investment in which one can purchase shares of a private company. As investing in private companies is not possible. So before the company goes public, you can support it through an IPO. But at this time, SpaceX didn’t allow plans to enter in ipo. 

pre ipo method

If SpaceX contemplates an IPO, IPO investments might be delivered to accredited individuals, venture capital firms, and institutional investors. And it allows investors to earn and receive shares at a lower valuation than the original IPO price. And it is likely utmost to elevated recoveries if the corporation performs satisfactorily after moving to public.


Steps Of Investing In SpaceX When It Will Available In IPO


SpaceX is not currently available in the IPO. But if you want to buy its shares, you must stay active. So be ready to invest whenever it comes to IPO. You would easily buy its shares when it becomes available in an IPO. So the steps are, 


  • Create a brokerage account. If you already have an account, then login into it. You can also use a free website called eToro


  • The second step is to search for SpaceX.


  • You will see an option to select how many shares you want to buy. Select the options. 


  • Place your order or do the trading. 


  • The final step is to watch and scan your trade. Either it is going up or down. 


So, buying or investing through an IPO is elementary and convenient. But remember, SpaceX is not currently on IPO. You have to wait if it comes on IPO and then invest in it or buy its shares. Stay updated and keep an eye on news related to Elon Musk So you will know when it comes on ipo and when you start investing. 


Indirect Ways Of Investing In SpaceX.


Investing directly into SpaceX is impossible. But there are some indirect ways where you can easily invest in SpaceX and other private companies. So, in this indirect method, you must invest in the company owning Spacex shares. 

indirect ways of investing in spacex

And as we discussed above, there are a total of three companies that have invested in SpaceX. And these companies are


  • Alphabet Inc (Google)
  • Bank of America
  • And Fidelity


Two companies are known more in this regard: Alphabet Inc and Bank of America. 

Alphabet (Google) 

So, Google is a company worth $1.5 trillion. Google mainly sells and trades on promotion and advertisement services across YouTube and Google brands. It also finances a collection of preliminary and initial-stage tech corporations.


In January 2015, Alphabet invested $900 million in SpaceX at an evaluation of $12 billion. In December 2021, Google again invested $337 million. The total amount Google invested in Spacex is approximately $10 billion

Bank Of America 

Bank of America is also a worthy investment bank. And the bank has a total of $270 billion in investment and financial services. The company’s headquarter is in North Carolina.



In November 2018, The Bank of America invested $250 million in SpaceX at an evaluation of approx $30 billion. And this enormous investment made Bank of America’s position in SpaceX so high. And it is worth $1 billion.


There are also other investors in SpaceX. But they are all private school equity firms. And they are not public corporations and firms. So you can’t invest in SpaceX through them. 


This point must be remembered because Alphabet (Google) and Bank of America have considerable enterprises. And their investment in SpaceX is just a timepiece of their worth. Before buying their shares, you must educate yourself about their worth and investment processes. 


Final verdict

So, last, we finally got our answers to how2invest in SpaceX. And we discovered that investing in SpaceX is not that easy and convenient. But if someone is willing to invest in SpaceX, they should follow the above methods. And these methods are the substitute, and they are suitable. 


You can indirectly support through pre-IPO and investing in the companies that have shares of Spacex. As discussed above, the pre-IPO option is impossible because Spacex is not on ipo. But you have to check on the updates so you will when it joins ipo.




Is SpaceX worth investing in?

It’s the most valuable aerospace and defense stock in the Western World. 


How to buy SpaceX stock?

As an investor, you cannot invest directly in SpaceX stock. But you can invest in it by investing in companies who hold space shares and through the pre-IPO method.


Who owns SpaceX?

Elon Musk, Bank of America, Google, and other private equity firms own SpaceX stock firms.


What is the SpaceX stock symbol?

SpaceX is not a public company, so it has no stock symbol. 


How much is SpaceX stock?

SpaceX is a private company, so it does not have a price per share. 

And according to its latest funding, SpaceX is valued at $127 billion.


Who is investing in SpaceX?

Approach 84 investors have invested in SpaceX. 

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