Long beeps when calling – what does it mean?

Why do I hear long beeps when I make a phone call, and what do they mean?

We will tell you why there are long beeps, whether this could indicate a blocking of the subscriber, breakdowns at the station of the cellular operator, or other network problems.


Under normal conditions, long beeps are a signal that the call is going through, and information about the incoming call is sent to the subscriber’s mobile phone. Therefore, if long long beeps end with a call reset, this means that the subscriber did not have time or could not answer the call.

Drop call

On many smartphone models, the subscriber can artificially leave long beeps, while the call itself no longer arrives at his phone. To do this, during an incoming call, the user could:

  1. Press the phone screen lock button.
  2. Place your phone face down.
  3. Make another gesture that is responsible for disconnecting the call.

At the same time, the caller himself will still hear long beeps and think that the connection is still going through.

Call to the second line

Although most operators have a special message in case the user calls and gets on the second line, in some cases the caller will hear only long beeps. The phrase “The subscriber is now talking on another line ” or short beeps will not be played. The person they are trying to reach will see the second call on the phone screen. He will be able to both switch to the second line and reject the second call.

Mobile operator problems

Much less often, long beeps can appear when calling a switched off, damaged or blocked phone. Such cases are rare, and mobile operators are trying to further reduce their number.

Black list

If it is impossible to get through to the subscriber on a permanent basis, and only long beeps are heard in the handset, this may be a sign of blocking the caller’s number. Since there is no universal blacklist indicator, constant long beeps can be one of several other manifestations when a user is blocked.

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