An error occurred while unpacking: unarc.dll returned error code 11, 12, 14

Computers are no longer a rarity these days. It is in every home, sometimes there are several. It is used for education, for work, for entertainment. And how many different games exist at the present time! There are shooters, arcades, strategies, multiplayer, and first person. You can play as anyone from an insect to an alien ship commander. But many video game enthusiasts are faced with a certain barrier – the high price of these entertainment. Indeed, the creators of the games have made a thousandfold development and design effort, and they have valued their creation at a rather large sum. But what should a gamer do who simply has no money for such entertainment? Of course, you can find a more budgetary replacement, but in the age of high technologies with the great web, the Internet will not be particularly difficult to download the game for free via the Internet. After downloading the long-awaited game, starting the installation of its gamers around the world may face the fact that on their screen in black letters will be written the inscription “An error occurred while unpacking: unarc.dll returned error code 11, 12, 14 ”. A lot of people at this stage are lost and do not know what to do, how to solve the current problem, because of what it arises. In the presented article, we will try to figure out what this error is, we will tell you how to download unarc dll for windows 7, 8, 10 x64.

Causes of occurrence

There are several reasons for the occurrence:

  • download damage;
  • the presence of Russian letters in the download system;
  • blocking installation by antivirus;
  • problems with RAM.

Let’s consider solutions for each of the possible causes.

What to do if the file was damaged while downloading?

One of the easiest solutions. If you notice this problem, then just try downloading the game again. If that doesn’t help, then just install it from another site.

What if there is Cyrillic on the path to the file?

This is also a common reason, which is also easily solved. Just go to the file manager and read the name of the folders. If somewhere there is Russian text, for example “gta”, then replace it with “gta”.

What to do if the installation is blocked by antivirus?

In this case, you can, at your own risk and peril, disable the antivirus in the settings and carry out the installation again, but this is not recommended, because in the game folder there may be a virus from which your antivirus protects you.

How to solve problems with RAM

The scariest item on this list, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it either. If you have been a gamer for a long time, then you know that RAM is often clogged up, and you just need to check it using various antiviruses and utilities.


After completing these simple steps one by one, you can easily solve the current error and start your game.  

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