Why there are no beeps when calling and what to do?

Due to the lack of beeps, it becomes impossible to reach the subscriber. Why are there no beeps during a call and what can be done about it?

The absence of beeps can manifest itself in different ways, which means that the reasons will be different. The most common cases where there are no beeps can be described as follows:

  1. The beeps do not appear immediately. Before that, the subscriber hears silence for 10-15 seconds.
  2. Beeps do not appear at all, while the connection is established, but the interlocutor is not heard.
  3. There are no beeps, because immediately after dialing the number, the call is automatically terminated.

Why there are no beeps when calling / calling?

If instead of beeps during a call, the subscriber hears only silence, the problem may be in the sound. It disappears for several reasons:

  • Speaker problems. If the phone has been dropped or wet, the speaker may be damaged. Also, failures in its operation can be caused by a factory defect or exceeding the service life of the phone.
  • Disabled sound. If there are no beeps, you need to check if the sounds are turned on on the phone.

If the beeps do not come after downloading a certain application or program, it is worth checking if it prevents the sound from being activated. For example, low-quality call recording applications can affect beeps and the connection in general.

What to do if there are no beeps when calling?

In the beginning, you need to completely restart your phone, clean it of malware with an antivirus, and remove questionable applications that could affect the sound. Next you need to check:

  • Is the sound on the phone.
  • Is the speaker working? To do this, you must activate the speakerphone during a call. If the sound appears, the problem is in the conversational dynamics.

Why are there no beeps and the call is dropped?

If there are no beeps, and after dialing the number, the call is immediately dropped, then the problem is a communication problem. For example, the subscriber is on the road or out of coverage. Problems can also be associated with malfunctions of the mobile operator. If the network is overloaded or there are problems with the equipment, then the absence of beeps is a temporary phenomenon. Also, dropping a call may indicate a problem with the SIM card. If it has been in contact with water or has not been replaced for a long time, the SIM starts to work worse or stops making calls at all.

In addition, the complete absence of beeps and a broken connection also means that the interlocutor is on the black list of the one he is trying to reach.

What to do if the beeps do not go, but the call is dropped?

If it is not possible to reach the subscriber, since the call ends immediately, there are several ways to solve this problem:

  1. Make sure that the area in which the caller is located is within the coverage area and there are no connection problems.
  2. Disable the “3G only” mode in the mobile network settings, and set it to “2G only”. Since the coverage area of ​​3G is smaller than 2G, the probability of network failures increases in this mode.
  3. Check if outgoing calls are barred in the phone settings.

Why don’t the beeps last long?

The situation when during a call the beeps do not go for a long time, and the subscriber has to wait an extra 10-15 seconds, is quite common. The reason for this may also be network failures due to the fault of the operator or due to an unstable connection. In addition, the delay may be caused by switching between 4G and 2G/3G during a call.

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