Epic Games free games: will you be tempted?

Since 2020, the major game platform, “Epic Games”, has launched its Epic Games Store free game download system , where every week games are offered for download for free. From Thursday, 5 p.m., new games are offered there, for one week free of charge.

Many games have been downloaded for free via the site’s platform.

Who is “Epic Games”?

“Epic Games” or “Epic”, is an American video game development studio. Since its founding in 1991, “Epic Games” has continuously satisfied gamers around the world , ever since its first developed games, such as “Pinball”, released in 1993. Pinball games caused a sensation when it was released and made gamers happy in the 90s.

In July 2017, the company’s flagship game, “Fortnite” made its grand debut. A PvE game mode (Player versus Environment), allows you to interact with your environment. “Fortnite-Save the World” mode, allows up to 4 players to play online and protect items from zombies.

In September 2017, the “ Battle Royal mode” is added, where players will be able to fight among themselves, in an increasingly changing environment.

In December 2018, “Epic Games” launched its new “Epic Games Store” formula, which is a platform for purchasing games.

What is Epic Games Store?

“The Epic Games Store” is the online purchasing platform for PC and Mac video games. Many games are offered there, with advantageous prices. The advantage of buying its games is that the developers get 88% of the revenue instead of 70% like other game shops.

Since 2020, the “Epic Games Store” has launched its Epic Games free game offers. Each week, a selection of games become free for one week. Every Thursday, at 5 p.m., gamers will be able to download games for free, without spending a penny.

How to download the “Epic Games Store”?

By typing on your search engine “Epic Games Store”, you will be directed to the web page of the “Epic Games” site . At the top right, you will have the option to download the “Epic Games Store” platform. To install “epic games”, you will only have to download the software and install it on your PC or Mac.

Once on the platform, you will only have to create an account and add your epic games code and validate your registration.

Exclusive Games “Epic Games Store”

Some games found in the “Epic Games Store” are exclusively found on the “Epic” platform.

Apart from games, you could also find videos and music on the platform .

To guarantee the exclusivity of the games, “Epic Games” works in the promotion and design of these games.

Free Epic Games

Since 2020, the platform has been causing a stir with free game offers. Indeed, every week, Epic Games offers free game downloads for a week.

Games with an expired offer date become payable again.

If you want to test new games for free, all you have to do is log on to the platform every Thursday at 5 p.m. and see the new games on offer.

games of the week

Several free games have been highlighted and offered for free on the platform, such as:

  • WWI Verdun;
  • Train Sim World 2;
  • MotherGunShip;
  • Obduction;
  • Ironcast;
  • Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead.


How is the download of the free offers going?

Once the game is downloaded, the game is yours. If you can’t find it in your account, it will be sent to one of your gmail, xbox, PlayStation or epic-game accounts.

For some games, you will be given the option to pre-download them before they are released, or try their free version for a period, before playing them at full price. This will allow you to see if the game is to your liking, and only pay for the full version if you are happy with your free trial. This represents a good demo that will allow you to better visualize the game with a real experience.

Customer service

If you have a problem with your account or the games purchased or downloaded for free, you will have the option of contacting customer service.

You can also consult the pre-recorded questions and answers in the “questions” section. If one of your questions is there, you will have the answer immediately without waiting for the response from customer service, otherwise, you will only have to send an email and wait for the answer to your problem.

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